Are Indians ready for the bullet train?

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to the video Checker Tobi The fear and horror check

Everyone knows fear. Some are afraid of getting on a plane, others are afraid in the dark, or are afraid of disgusting snakes or nasty monsters. When fear grips you, it is not pleasant. Our pulse is racing, we sweat and we get really pale. Our body does this to warn us, as if to say: Attention, danger, be on your guard! [more - The Checker World | to the video: Checker Tobi - The fear and horror check]

to the Video Checker CanThe biathlon check

In which sport do you run long and shoot fast? Right, at the biathlon. Multiple gold medalist Kati Wilhelm takes Checker Can under her wing. How do you shoot lying down and standing? Why do you have to iron your skis before the competition and how is skating actually done? For the self-experiment on skis, Can would have answered one of his checker questions beforehand: "Where is the brake on cross-country skis?" [more - The Checker World | to the video: Checker Can - The Biathlon Check]

to the video Checker TobiDer Bread Check

Tobi checks on the wheat field how bread is made from grain and tries to harvest grain like before: with a scythe and flail. However, it takes forever and is super exhausting. It's faster with the combine harvester. Will Tobi be allowed to drive? We continue to a mill in the middle of Munich city center. There, Tobi and Müller Stefan grind the grain into flour and check a lot of questions together: How is bread made from flour? Why do you dip pretzels in poisonous lye? And why does bread stay flat without yeast? [more - The Checker World | to the video: Checker Tobi - The bread check]