Which country cooks the best steak

Sashi Beef: The most popular meat in the world right now

The Scandinavians are one step ahead - whatever has spilled over to us from the far north of Europe at the moment is almost a trend guarantee. With "Hygge«The Danes have introduced us to a way of life that goes far beyond furnishing. The term can best be translated as well-being and describes one mindful lifestylethat gives life more quality.

And so it is probably no coincidence that even discerning meat gourmets are currently looking towards Scandinavia. A community of and for passionate meat enthusiasts has recently developed here. Stand by Sustainability aspects, Animal welfare and transparent production chains just as in focus as the first-class Meat quality with an inimitably delicate texture and intensely tasty Meat flavor. Because - everyone involved agrees: One is not possible without the other.

The best steak in the world

One of the main characters and initiators of the new Nordic scene is John Nielsenwho won the competition for the best steak in the world this year with his small but fine company »JN Meat International«. At the “World Steak Challenge” in Dublin, the producer caused a sensation by relegating renowned nations such as the USA, Australia, Ireland and Uruguay to the lower places with their Finnish Sashi Steak.

The meat is used for its high-end quality, which the meat processing company founded in 1980 also sells in a strictly limited manner outside of its own national borders handpicked selected in exclusive establishments. The first requirement is compliance with uncompromisingly high standards in animal husbandry, rearing and nutrition.

The term "Sashi" comes from Japanese and describes the fine marbling of the meat.

In addition, John “Sash” Nielsen has been traveling to farmers and breeders around the world for more than 30 years. The passionate one has the nickname »Sashi« Meat sommelier honestly deserved. Inspired by the Japanese tradition of judging meat quality according to its fat distribution (»Sashi«), »JN Meat« uses comparable standards for the categorization of its products.

Not all cattle have the genetic prerequisites to achieve a correspondingly high degree of marbling in the meat. Breeds such as Holstein, Ayrshire or their crossbreeds are most likely to bring along the special genetic disposition to develop intramuscular fat if the rearing conditions are optimal.

What matters is the taste

This restriction as well as the classification and selection make Sashi Beef a rare niche product - and therefore a real delicacy for all those meat lovers who demand more than just a tender texture, but who also value an unadulterated, intense meat flavor and juiciness. The desirability does not result, as with other meat specialties, from the fact that it is particularly exotic or comes from a special breed of cattle from a certain area. Rather, not only producer Nielsen is certain, the only thing that counts is the complete enjoyment experience.

Anyone who has now got an appetite and is curious to put a Sashi Beef in the pan or on the grill themselves can look forward to it. The steak, which won the World's Best Steak Awards, is now available at Don Carne. And as the exclusive provider of this innovative specialty, the online meat specialist is once again proving its expertise in premium meat for discerning gourmets. Discover now at doncarne.de.