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The perfect Christmas present: the best sports books

Christmas time is gift time. Books are a long-running favorite among Christmas presents. So what could be better than giving a sports book as a Christmas present to a sports-loving friend or family member? The offer is just as diverse as the interests: general training programs, pain relief in certain parts of the body or tight challenges for those particularly hungry for challenges.

The Trainingsworld editorial team has put together the best sports books for Christmas for you. With these gifts you are guaranteed to make the eyes of athletes under the Christmas tree shine.


Fit without equipment

With his world bestseller Fit without equipment, which appeared in 12 languages ​​and sold millions of copies worldwide, the former military instructor Mark Lauren became a fitness icon practically overnight.
For several years, the fitness professional, who was born in Germany, had prepared American elite soldiers for their use in special operations. He has developed an extremely efficient training concept that only uses your own body weight as resistance.

The exercises can be carried out in the smallest of spaces and require a minimum of time: four times a week, 30 minutes of high-intensity training is enough to get lean, strong and in top shape in record time.

This training concept turned out to be perfect for today and has sparked a huge global trend: bodyweight training. Whether at home, in a hotel room or in the office - you can train anywhere. Without devices. Without a gym membership. There is no preparation time either, this book is sufficient.

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Become a sleek leopard

People want to perform, but faulty movement patterns can block the body. Often these performance-limiting factors remain hidden even to experienced trainers. Become a sleek leopard makes the invisible visible. Kelly Starrett shows in this book his revolutionary approach to mobility and maintenance of performance and provides the master plan for effective and safe movement sequences in sport and everyday life.

Hundreds of step-by-step photos not only illustrate how training exercises such as squats, deadlifts, pushups, kettlebell swing or snatch, clean and jerk are properly performed, but also how the most common mistakes can be avoided or corrected. Kelly Starrett divides the human body into 14 zones and shows mobilization techniques that can be used to regain mobility.

The revised edition of the bestseller, which has been expanded by 80 pages, offers dozens of strategies that can be used to specifically address individual restrictions, an injury or a persistent movement error. With a 14-day program, the whole body can be mobilized again in just two weeks.

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Sciatica and piriformis syndrome

Do you suffer from back pain that radiates down to your legs? Then you are not alone: ​​Almost every third person in Germany is affected. Typically, doctors automatically assume a herniated disc. But the band writings are not always the trigger.

In many cases it is an inflammation of the piriformis muscle, which presses on the sciatic nerve and thereby causes the discomfort. The advantage: If the piriformis syndrome has been recognized, it can be treated much more specifically and successfully than a herniated disc. Even simple stretching exercises have an amazing effect.

The sports editor Nicolai Napolski, who knows from his own experience how painful the piriformis syndrome is, has written the first guide together with the sports therapist and personal trainer Katharina Brinkmann that specifically deals with this disease.

The authors have not only compiled the most important information on the background and development, but also developed an exercise concept specially tailored to the piriformis syndrome, which presents simple and effective techniques with which you can stretch the shortened muscle, strengthen the pelvic girdle and correct postural defects can. In an expert interview with the therapist for osteopathy and back specialist Dr. Torsten Pfitzer you will also learn how you can prevent the disease so that the pain does not arise in the first place.

Learn how to treat piriformis syndrome yourself so that your pain will soon be a thing of the past.

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Sitting is the new smoking

The latest scientific research shows that sitting too much can contribute to the development of a wide variety of diseases - from obesity and diabetes to cancer and depression. Those who work while sitting also often suffer from musculoskeletal disorders. Sitting in the workplace therefore carries just as much an occupational risk as lifting heavy loads. The fact is: the chair is our enemy and kills the body bit by bit.

In his groundbreaking new book, the well-known physiotherapist and author of the worldwide bestseller Become a sleek leopard Dr. Kelly Starrett presents a detailed battle plan for survival in our sedentary society. He offers creative solutions to shorten the time we spend sitting and shows strategies with which the desk can be transformed into a dynamic workspace.

The reader learns how to:
- locates and corrects harmful postures
- Eliminated back, neck and shoulder pain
- Avoids or permanently alleviates carpal tunnel syndromes
- Correctly aligns and stabilizes the spine and trunk
- naturally walks, crouches, carries loads and bends the trunk
- Completed daily basic body work with 14 mobilization plans to eliminate pain and improve mobility

This book will help those who sit a lot, whether they want to improve their performance in the workplace or beyond, lose weight, or just want to live pain-free. It is a revolutionary cure against desk death.

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Functional fascia training with the BLACKROLL

The BLACKROLL® has achieved enormous importance in sport and in physiotherapy. It can work small miracles for tension and pain. Shortened or sticky fasciae become long and supple again through self-massage with the roller, lost mobility returns and chronic pain disappears.

However, like muscles, the fasciae can also be trained in order to achieve better athletic performance and avoid injuries.

This guide with color illustrations combines functional training and fascia fitness with the aim of ideally preparing the body for stress and keeping it healthy in the long term. Three fascia experts with experience in pain treatment and sports medicine explain how to use the BLACKROLL® optimally for fascia care. In addition, they show how you can do a complete workout with the roller to improve strength, balance, mobility and stability.

Over 40 color-illustrated exercises and various training plans make this book an indispensable guide for everyone who wants to remain efficient, pain-free and flexible for a lifetime.

Functional fascia training with the BLACKROLL - order now as a Christmas present! Directly in the shop or on Amazon!


Athletic training for climbing and bouldering

Whether outdoors or indoors, secured or unsecured - climbing demands the whole body. It is all the more important to prepare them optimally for the stress, because this is the only way to make constant progress.
The sports scientist and trained climbing trainer Bernd Bachfischer offers numerous exercises in his book to train all areas of the body specifically for climbing and bouldering - from the legs to the torso to shoulders and arms.

In addition, he gives an informative insight into training practice: What skills are necessary to climb properly? Which muscle groups are used the most? How is the optimal regeneration process designed?

The reader receives the perfect combination of theoretical background knowledge and application-oriented exercises, enriched with dos and don'ts, various training methods with and without equipment and mental tips. This guide provides an intensive and comprehensive look at the ideal athletic training for all climbing athletes.


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The ultimate sling training

Sling or suspension training is a highly efficient method of bodyweight training using a simple belt system that is attached to a fixed point such as a door frame. The TRX Suspension Trainer has established itself as the market leader in German-speaking countries in recent years. It can already be found in over 1500 fitness centers in Germany and Austria. More and more people are training at home with this simple device, which allows a full-body workout at the highest level.

This first book on the TRX offers over 170 exercises of different intensity levels for all body areas and target groups, illustrated with many photographs and anatomical illustrations, as well as expert tips and interviews with instructors, therapists and competitive athletes.

For optimal regeneration after sling training, the author recommends stretching exercises with the sling trainer and connective tissue massages with a fascia roller and fascia ball and presents numerous other exercises for this.

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50 workouts - bodyweight training without equipment

What do you need to train quickly and effectively, to build muscles and to strengthen the whole body? Nothing but his own body weight. In this book, Marcel Doll presents the 50 best bodyweight workouts and shows how easy it is to get or stay fit without additional equipment.

Whether defined arms, a flat stomach, firm legs or full-body workouts - this fitness guide offers a wide selection of different training focuses. The workouts only last between 15 and 45 minutes. They are clearly presented and fully illustrated with duration and training plan. In addition, all exercises are described in detail in a separate chapter.

With these workouts you can train anywhere and anytime - whether at home, in the gym or outdoors.

50 workouts - bodyweight training without equipment - order now as a Christmas present! Directly in the shop or on Amazon!



The term »calisthenics« comes from ancient Greek and means »beautiful strength«. The new fitness trend arose in the ghettos of American cities, where people trained outside using the sparse infrastructure in the form of carpet poles, scaffolding or banisters. As with classic bodyweight training, the movements are highly functional and always use entire muscle groups. There is also a focus on agility, speed and coordination.

Calisthenics shows how you can achieve amazing full body fitness by using only your own body weight as training resistance. The comprehensive standard work contains various types of push-ups, pull-ups, handstands, muscle-ups, slope scales and core exercises that make calisthenics one of the most effective and diverse training methods of our time.

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High intensity training

Why do hours of strength training in the studio several times a week when two 20-minute sessions with the HIT method bring the same or even better results?

HIT stands for high-intensity training and turns the rules of the old training theory upside down. While training used to be based on the motto “More is better”, HIT applies: “Harder is better.” In this book, the author proves how the most efficient muscles can be built up and on with HIT and HIIT, the high-intensity interval training to improve endurance Fat will be broken down.

He not only shows suitable exercises with your own body weight, with dumbbells and on machines, but also how the most common mistakes can be avoided. With different intensity techniques and an optimal program design, everyone can achieve a muscular, powerful and healthy body in a minimum of time.

The author also answers all important questions about nutrition related to high-intensity training, such as the best possible food composition, the effects of intermittent fasting on training results or the correct use of the ketogenic diet. Tips for physical regeneration complete the knowledge about HIT and HIIT.


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