Why did you change your doctor

Private patient

As a private patient, you are free to choose your doctor. You can be treated by any general practitioner and in any hospital. Provided that the regularly agreed three-month waiting period at the health insurance company has expired. There is no waiting time if treatment is required due to an accident.

In special cases, however, an eight-month waiting period can be contractually agreed with the private health insurance company. For example during childbirth, psychotherapy or dental or orthodontic treatment.

Depending on the content of the private health insurance contract, you are also entitled to treatment by the chief physician in the hospital.

Whether and to what extent you as a private patient can be treated by an alternative practitioner or a psychotherapist at the expense of your insurer depends on the respective insurance conditions. To avoid disadvantages, it is advisable to contact the private health insurer before starting treatment: Clarify in advance whether the costs for the intended treatment will be covered. And if so, to what extent.

By the way: If you are a private patient, you can change your doctor at any time.

Cash patient

If you are a statutory health insurance patient, you can basically choose your doctor yourself. However, there are certain restrictions:

  • You may only seek treatment with a doctor who is licensed by the health insurance fund.
  • You are not entitled to treatment by the chief physician in the hospital. You are only entitled to treatment by the doctor on duty.
  • If you are a public health patient at the GP-centered care participate, you undertake to your health insurance company to use outpatient specialist treatment only after a referral from your family doctor.

Danger: As a statutory health insurance patient, you cannot change doctor at will in the current quarter. A change is only possible if there is an important reason. For example, when the relationship of trust with the doctor is permanently disrupted.

Mixed forms

There are also possible combinations: As a statutory health insurance patient, you can "book" additional treatment by the chief physician as an optional service in the hospital, which is then billed privately. In this case you are obliged to pay the attending physician directly.

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