Is there a vape for children

From what age is smoking e-shisha allowed?

Numerous questions about this topic arise again and again. Whether in forums, blogs or articles: the topic E-shisha Smoking occupies a wide variety of age groups and people. You can find out more about the current correct age rating of e-hookahs in a clearly summarized manner in this article.

For a long time there was just a lot sporadic regulations and almost no age regulation laws from e-shisha sales. At first you could from 14 years Buy an e-shisha legally if you had the consent of your parents. This was mainly due to the widespread opinion that electric hookahs were made no tobacco and nicotine contain. This is also the case with most of them. Of course, that was true not without exception to all products.

E-shishas also have the general and well-deserved reputation less harmful than normal hookahs and cigarettes. At the time, most portable hookahs had a small letteringwho the Recommended for people over 16 years of age. Such a proverbial “recommendation” naturally prevented a few petrol stations, tobacco shops and other contact points from selling to younger smokers. Until April 1, 2016 So it was possible, E-Shisha too with 14 years to acquire and consume. But what happened then?

Reason for that new ban from this date onwards, among other things, were increased requirementsreported in the press. It was required that Both nicotine-free and nicotine-containing e-hookahs are prohibited for children and adolescents should be. Again and again, the argument that consuming such stimulants would be particularly noticeable was Lower inhibition thresholds for real cigarettes and drugs. Calls of this type, as well as one Study by the Federal Institute for Risk Assessment on whether e-shishas are harmful actually led to a specific ban in 2016.

Conclusion: The sale of e-hookahs, e-cigarettes and e-liquid to minors is currently prohibited in Germany, i.e. e-hookahs are only allowed from the age of 18!

Special caseAustria: there are still here, for example no uniform legal regulation for the consumption of e-hookahs. Exceptions are Salzburg, Carinthia, Upper Austria and Tyrol, where one at the end of 2015 Prohibition under 16Years was issued.