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Racing pigeons

Did you know that…

  • the "carrier pigeon sport" can be associated with considerable suffering, pain and damage for the pigeons?
  • Animal rights activists and animal welfare organizations have turned to the German UNESCO Commission in Bonn to ensure that the carrier pigeon is not included in the nationwide register of intangible cultural heritage?

In the past, as a sport for the little man, mining buddies liked it, this sport has undergone a significant change and the well-being of the individual animal plays a rather subordinate role. The knowledge about the needs of these animals has grown steadily, but the background knowledge about the carrier pigeon is just as little present in the public as the knowledge that the pigeon flocks that multiply in almost all cities are recruited from carrier pigeon breeding.
So it's time to take a closer look at this phenomenon.

Quoted in excerpts from a letter from the animal welfare organization PETA to the UNESCO Commission of July 20, 2018:

“In Germany, an estimated 50,000 people breed pigeons that are used as so-called carrier pigeons for races: nationwide, around 2.5 million animals are affected.
As part of the pigeon races, the animals are required to perform at their best, which often exceeds their strength. Animals that do not reach the goal or do not find their way back to the home attack have little chance of survival in cities due to their conditioning on special food.
In a study, pigeon expert Dr. med. vet. Warzecha lost rates averaging 53 percent in pigeon races. An “animal consumption” of this magnitude in the context of the exercise of a hobby is highly unethical and should disqualify the pigeon races as a cultural heritage candidate. [...]
For the races, pigeon keepers take advantage of the animals' loyalty to their home loft, their partner and their offspring. Depending on the route, they transport their animals hundreds to thousands of kilometers away from their home. The owners take advantage of the desperation of their animals to want to fly back to their homes and their families as quickly as possible [...]

Source: PETA [email protected]

Read the entire letter from the animal welfare organization PeTA in the download below