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Ulysses. Annotated edition

The novel that immortalized James Joyce portrays a day in the life of advertiser Leopold Bloom, June 16, 1904. Soon after the novel was published, enthusiasts began to celebrate that day.
"In the Ulysses the Dublin of June 16, 1904 lies spread out before us, unchanged by the imagination and verifiable in almost every detail on the basis of maps and address books," wrote Anthony Burgess. “But,” he continues, “the novel Ulysses, which glorifies Dublin by making it an eternal city of the spirit, has transformed it in a sober or drunken way too. Whoever enters Dublin, enters Ulysses ...: one goes into the imagination of James Joyce. "
This is where the first German annotated edition of Ulysses begins. It records - on the basis of Don Gifford's Ulysses Annotated - what is verifiable: places, institutions, events, people as well as the educational treasure that is incorporated into the novel. And it refers - especially in the short introduction to each chapter - to the blueprint of the whole, to the sources, especially Homer's Odyssey, and to the texture of the internal references.
And by showing what needs to be proven - including deviations from the sources - the passage comment allows us to follow how the imagination of James Joyce made the "everyday world of the epoch" (Hermann Broch) out of an ordinary Dublin day one hundred years ago Has.
The large-format, annotated edition is page-identical to the suhrkamp pocket book edition (Novels of the Century, st 2551, and special edition, st 3594). Each chapter begins with an introductory text. The job comment is simply and clearly placed in the margin column and at the foot of each page. A directory of persons and a wide range of maps of Dublin and the surrounding area conclude the stately, beautifully made volume that is stimulating to leaf through, browse, read as well as study.

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  • Published by Suhrkamp
  • Original title: Ulysses
  • 5th ed.
  • Number of pages: 1140
  • Release Date: June 14, 2004
  • German
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