What are the benefits of botox injections

Positive effects of botox in medicine

Future areas of application

In animal experiments, botulinum toxin, which was injected into the brain, prevented epileptic seizures. Studies in this direction are still at the very beginning and it is uncertain whether the results can be transferred to humans.

Even the destruction of nerve cells, which can be associated with epilepsy, could be prevented by botox. But that's not all. Botulinum toxin was able to achieve success in numerous diseases that are essentially based on impaired transmission of stimuli.

These include squinting, asthma, tennis elbow, hay fever, arthritis, certain gastroenteronal diseases, paraplegia, chronic anal fissure or simply pain in the neck or back. The applications mentioned are not yet approved in Germany, but have been practiced for a long time, especially in the USA.

The advantage of all botox therapies is in any case the speed of application. Injecting with the help of a fine needle is a matter of minutes. In addition, the puncture hardly causes any pain and the effect occurs relatively quickly (often after a few hours).

However, since the nerve cell endings develop again, all of the treatments described must be carried out again at regular intervals in order to provide lasting relief from the symptoms.