How close are Superman and Supergirl

Rumor: Does "Superman" series replace "Metropolis" with "Supergirl" on The CW?

While at The CW the mega crossover with two SupermanVersions are pending, even if not with three, as was rumored for a while, that emerges afterwards krypton already second prequel Metropolis only now and then from the oblivion again. But in the present Superman-Chaos the rumor mill is now adding this fish back to the soup so that no one can see through:

At last it was said that Metropolis For DC Universe With 13 episodes of the Gotham-Machern is in the works, but that is now being questioned again. Because now the series is supposed to be for The CW With ArrowVerse creator Greg Berlanti is slated to be at the helm, with the not-so-unlikely HBO max-Stream option after the regular broadcast at The CW. After all, Berlanti is supposed to produce content for the new stream service.

Of course, this also fits perfectly with the possibility that Supergirl at The CW could face its end and thus Metropolis takes her place. Crossovers would be nonsensical in the face of a prequel series if Supergirl but continues to run, but even that is thrown into the rumor pot.

Unless, Metropolis It's not about a time when Lois Lane and Lex Luthor explore the dark and bizarre secrets and sci-fi tech of the city of tomorrow before the man of steel shows up there: the alleged one The CW-Metropolis-Series aims more to match the tone and style of the Richard DonnerFilms and John Byrne's "Man of Steel" comics from 1986 to be approximated.

The only official confirmation so far is that there is a new one Arrow-verse series, but what it might be about is still open. A Birds of Prey-Series is also close here and is rumored from time to time, also due to the future scenes of the last one Arrow-Season.

A MetropolisSeries at The CW but would again fit the still open question of what from DC Universe in the face of HBO max In the future, it is quite possible that the planned series could be relocated. We vaguely remember that there was also a continuation of Superman - The Adventures of Lois & Clark was in conversation, but also has not been heard of for a long time.

What do you wish for one Superman-Series?