What is the equation for impact force

F = m * a

In this article we deal with the equation F = m · a. It is about what this equation says and there are examples with numbers. This article belongs to our field of physics or mechanics.

Perhaps one of you has heard of Newton's laws or Newton's axioms? The equation F = m · a is also part of these Newtonian laws. Let's take another look at this equation:

  • "F" is the force in Newtons
  • "m" is the mass in kilograms
  • "a" is the acceleration in meters per second squared

In words, this means that force = mass times acceleration. So if you know two of the three sizes, you can use them to calculate the third size.


Force, mass and acceleration

Before we get to examples, let's briefly look at these three terms.


Forces can be recognized by their effects. Some information about this:

  • A force can change the direction of movement of a body.
  • A force can change the speed of a body.
  • Forces can deform other objects on impact, for example.
  • A force acts in a certain direction (keyword: vector).


  • Mass is a property of matter.
  • In most physical size systems it is one of the basic sizes.
  • It is given in the unit of kilograms.
  • The symbol is usually m.
  • Every physical system has a mass.


  • In physics, acceleration is the change in the state of motion of a body.
  • It plays a central role in the description of movement processes and their influence by forces.

F = m · a examples

Let's look at some examples with numbers and units.

example 1:

Given a mass of 20 kilograms and an acceleration of 10 meters per second squared. Calculate the force.

Example 2:

A force is 500 Newtons, the acceleration is 50 meters per second squared. Calculate the mass.


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