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This is how hashtags are used correctly

Facebook pushes hashtags

This is a surprise, because the use of hashtags on Facebook has been neglected for a long time. Although the function has been around since 2013, it has hardly established itself on the platform, and the Facebook community has not jumped on it. So hashtags were unimportant. This was also supported by a study by buzzsumo published in 2016, which found that posts without hashtags generated more interactions than those with. This led some experts to believe that hashtags are actually bad for reach and advised against their use. Now Facebook is going on the offensive and the hash sign will soon become an important reach factor there too.

Back to the top: What are hashtags anyway?

But maybe let's take a look at how hashtags came about and why they became so popular. Starting from Twitter, the hashtags spread to almost all social media platforms. The combination of the preceding hash sign with a word, a sentence, capital letters, numbers and / or emojis has become a symbol of short messages. They were invented to categorize posts with relevant keywords and to make searches easier. Hashtags are therefore helpful for audience building and are primarily used to find posts on specific topics. Used correctly, you can increase the reach of your own content with the desired target group.

Why are hashtags so popular?

However, there are many more reasons for using hashtags than simply organizing content. In 2019, German researchers published a study on this topic and found the following reasons why the hash sign is so popular. With hashtags you can:

  • Organize content
  • Increase reach
  • Operate trend gaging (i.e. participate in trends)
  • entertain others
  • Design postings creatively
  • Comply with posting standards
  • to connect with the ingroup
  • inspire others
  • Summarize postings
  • support others

Hashtag strategy for a good reach

Every social media platform has its own rules of the game. What works on Instagram and Twitter doesn't apply to Facebook by a long way and may not be an issue on TikTok at all. It therefore makes sense to create a separate hashtag strategy for each platform in order to increase the reach accordingly and, ideally, to gain new followers. In principle, it applies to all platforms, especially Instagram, that you should not use any hashtags. Hashtags are part of the content and must be related to it so that they are relevant to the target group.

Instagram: Do not use any hashtags

Using the right hashtags plays an important role in reaching the target group, especially on Instagram. Any keywords that have been used millions of times won't break anything. It takes good research and a balance between high-density hashtags and low-density hashtags to attract attention in the community.

Facebook: Hashtags are gaining in importance

Although the option has been around for a long time, Facebook users have hardly used hashtags so far. It was only through the integration of Instagram that hashtags have become more visible on the platform. However, Facebook now wants to increase the relevance and actively urged users in English-speaking countries to use hashtags, as reported by social media expert Mari Smith.

LinkedIn: Identify trending topics

The business network LinkedIn has been using hashtags since 2019, enabling better searches for various industry topics. Used correctly, trend hashtags can also be used to expand your personal network and draw attention to your own company or brand.

Twitter: the mother of all hashtags

Hashtags were used for the first time on the short message platform Twitter, and from there they conquered the social media world. On Twitter, they are used to categorize the tweets by topic. On the start page of the service, the most important trends are always announced via hashtag, which users can use for orientation.

YouTube doesn't like hashtag spam

The familiar hash symbol can also be found on the YouTube video platform. However, with less popularity than the other platforms. In its guidelines, YouTube recommends using hashtags sparingly to avoid spam. If you use more than 15 in a video, these are automatically ignored.

TikTok works differently

Hashtags on TikTok have so far been used differently than on Instagram. Above all, you can't use a lot of hashtags here, as in the caption, similar to Twitter, only a limited number of characters is possible. Trendy trends are displayed via hashtag on the discover function in the app. Challenges are particularly popular.

And how many hashtags are actually useful now?

Less is more. This principle applies to Twitter and TikTok anyway, as only a limited number of characters are available there. The hashtags on Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram should also be used sparingly, as many users of these platforms are not yet familiar with the function. And what about Instagram? Contrary to the opinion of many, restraint is the order of the day with the hashtag boomers. While you can have up to 30 hashtags, don't overdo it. This is suggested by a study by Quintly from 2019, which examined the reach and interactions using hashtags on Instagram.

In our graphic I have recorded my recommendations for the current use of hashtags:

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