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Losing Water Weight: The Link Between Water Retention and Glycogen

With the start of a diet in which the intake of carbohydrates is reduced, the scales make a significant leap down in the first few days. Pure motivation, right? But if an evening goes by in which you ignore the rules of the diet and eat pizza and pasta with relish, the weight also causes a small shock the next morning. Blame - who suspected it - the large amount of carbohydrates. In this post we explain how the Energy from carbohydrates and water retention are related - and how you can lose water weight with simple tricks.

What is glycogen?

Glycogen is an important fuel reserve, one Storage form of glucosethat the body when necessary mobilize quickly can. The controlled breakdown of glycogen, which is stored in the liver and muscles, increases the availability of glucose, which between the meals is available. It also serves the Maintaining blood sugar levels, especially during prolonged periods of hunger. In contrast to Fatty acids, which the body also uses as a source of energy, glucose can also be converted into Absence of oxygen, provide energy during anaerobic activities (1).


Once inadequate on the diet carbohydrates is absorbed and the glycogen stores are emptied, the body uses another process to obtain energy: of gluconeogenesis. It says that Gluco For Glucose, the neo For New and the genesis For create.

Gluconeogenesis is essentially that Reversal of glycolysis (Breakdown of carbohydrates) and takes place in the liver (2). In doing so, glucose is made from Glycerin in lipids and amino acids in proteins won. The process of gluconeogenesis is why people can continue to perform despite a low-carb diet.

People who eat according to the rules of a low-carb diet often feel a thing within the first few weeks Feeling exhausted. This is also under Limit of resilience known. The feeling occurs when all energy reserves are used up are - glycogen included. Low-carb fatigue manifests itself in headaches and tiredness, irritability and nausea. At a certain point in time, this condition will be overcome. The ketogenic diet is the most extreme form of low carbohydrate diet. People who follow this form of nutrition reach the state of at one point in time Ketosis.

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The influence of glycogen on water retention

When we get over Water weight Speaking, especially in direct connection with fitness, we are not talking about the water, which is constantly between the skin and muscles, but about what is also stored in body cells - the water that is in direct contact with glycogen.

According to results, it can be assumed that every stored gram of glycogen is stored with at least 3 g of water becomes (3). Accordingly, glycogen causes both rapid weight loss and severe weight gain. The renunciation of carbohydrates and thus the emptying of the glycogen stores ensures that water leaves the body. If the glycogen stores are replenished after a meal rich in carbohydrates, the water weight increases.

Are you about to achieve your comfortable weight with intensive workouts and a healthy diet? Then always remember: A fluctuation in your body weight is normal and shouldn't demotivate you. Instead, look at your weight graph over a longer period of time and be proud of your progress.

Is Water Retention Harmful?

The retention of water is normal to some extent. And harmless. Women experience weight fluctuations of several kilograms depending on their monthly cycle. Alcohol consumption can also affect water weight in the short term, as alcohol removes water from the body.

Athletes who replenish their glycogen stores through so-called carbo-loading have a correspondingly higher amount of water weight. Carbo loading describes the ingestion of large amounts of carbohydrates, which the body stores as glycogen. The glycogen is used to provide energy in a competition.

A defined body with clearly visible muscles indicates that the Glycogen stores empty are. Bodybuilders who take to the stage to show off their steely bodies use different methods to get rid of water retention before their performance.

However, a permanently swollen face or thick joints can be a sign of unhealthy build-up. If you continue to feel unwell due to such symptoms, you should consult a doctor.

How can you lose water weight?

We wouldn't be us if we didn't have an article for you that shows you in detail the possibilities with which you can make your own Dehydrate the bodycan. Nevertheless, we want to give you a brief overview of the methods with which you can easily get rid of excess water retention.

1. Those who want to get rid of excess water in the body should drink plenty. Really! If you also want to promote dehydration, you can drink teas, which are said to have a dehydrating property, in addition to water. These include nettle or ginger tea.

2. A diet rich in Foods with a high water content can help dehydrate the body. Cucumbers, melons, pineapples, strawberries and, for example, are particularly suitable asparagus. Also the Give up a lotsalt supports drainage.

3. In addition to diet, you can also use targeted water in your body Massages (Lymphatic drainage, foot reflexology), loose Endurance sports (Cycling, swimming) or the Training your fascia

It is not easy to find your way through the jungle of diets. Looking for one appropriate diet, the World Wide Web gives you countless suggestions. In addition to the low-carb diet, we have researched a wide variety of forms and created informative articles. Mediterranean diet, Carb cycling, Primal eating, High carb diet, ... - read for yourself!

Lose weight with water

In the previous section, we mentioned that drinking water will help you lose unnecessary water weight. But that's not all. Because who in the course of a Diet for Weight Loss drinks more water, increases his chances, Decrease body fat percentage faster. Because water helps you lose weight on indirect way.

1. Water takes on important metabolic tasks - including those Supply of the cells with valuable nutrients. The cells are designed to function properly Vitamins and minerals from food. Only those who ensure that the nutrients arrive where they are needed can Lose weight healthily in the medium term.

2. Hunger and thirst are not infrequently confused. If you first drink a glass of water when you feel hungry, you often find that your body not food, butNeeds fluid. With this knowledge you save unnecessary calories at one point or another.

3. If you fill your plates with fruits and vegetables, whole grains and legumes, you take Fiber to you. Dietary fiber is said to have a satiating property. In Combination with water These swell up and thus ensure a long-lasting feeling of satiety.

4. Have you ever done sport without having a drink in between? Then you must have noticed that yours Efficiency was weakened. If HIIT, Dancing or lifting weights, when you exercise you sweat so your Body temperature constant stays and you can perform at your best - water is your body's coolant.

For everyone who does not find drinking so easy, here are 5 tips to make it very easy drink more water.

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Lose water weight: the bottom line

To save! The most important information on the topic can be found here summarized again.

  • The human organism stores energy in the form of glycogen in the liver and muscles and mobilizes it when necessary.
  • With the body stores at least 3 g of water for every gram of glycogen a.
  • With a low-carbohydrate diet, the energy in glycogen stores is used up and the body loses water weight.
  • With a high-carbohydrate diet, glucose is stored in the form of glycogen and the water weight increases.
  • Drink water, foods with a high water content, little salt, lots of exercise - Different methods help to lose excess water.
  • Water can help you lose weight. It supplies cells with vital nutrients, in combination with fiber ensures a longer lasting feeling of satiety and cools the body during physical exertion.
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