Who is the best MMA fighter

Mixed Martial Arts | These are the best cage fighters in the world

It's the toughest martial arts in the world. MMA - Mixed Martial Marts.

Boxing, kickboxing, karate, judo, wrestling, jiu-jitsu - if you want to prove yourself here, you have to master a wide variety of martial arts.

On May 31st, the spectacular fighters of the UFC will come to Berlin. Main attraction: The duel between the American Marc Munoz (36) and Gegard Mousasi (28) from Holland.

The best pictures of the iron fight can be found here BILD.de. Whoever wins the fight has a great chance of soon becoming one of the greats.

But who are the best MMA fighters, the UFC Klitschkos?

BILD shows the five best fighters of all time.

Anderson Silva (39)

He has the high points of his career behind him. But as long as he fought, he shaped the sport. No one was as talented, fought so instinctively, was as agile as Anderson Silva.

A born fighter. The Brazilian holds records for most consecutive wins in the Octagon, most knockouts and most title defenses.

Combat statistics: 33 wins, 6 losses

Jose Aldo (27)

The Brazilian has been determining lightweight for years. His World Cup belt seems to have grown firmly. He has been fighting in the UFC since 2010. And how: Aldo has already defended his title six times. He grew up in the poorest of circumstances and fought his way out of a favela to the top.

Combat statistics: 24 wins, 1 draw

Georges St. Pierre (33)

The Canadian is a model athlete. He has a black belt in karate and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. For years it was considered unbeatable. Has no weaknesses and is incredibly fast. The reigning welterweight champion has currently retired for personal reasons. Plays a supporting role in the Hollywood flick "The Return of the First Avenger".

Combat statistics: 25 wins, 2 losses

Jon Jones (26)

At the age of 23, the American became the youngest UFC champion of all time. Is also the current title holder in the light heavyweight division. The most auspicious fighter on the scene. The future belongs to him. Even in the heavyweight division.

Combat statistics: 20 wins, 1 loss

Chuck Liddell (44)

A legend and a member of the UFC Hall of Fame. When mixed martial arts boomed in the mid-2000s, he was the face of the scene. A dreaded knockouter. Starred in the US reality TV series "The Ultimate Fighter".

Combat statistics: 21 wins, 8 losses

B.J. Penn (35)

His combat stats are only high average, but B.J. Penn is considered to be one of the most talented fighters ever. Penn combines everything: speed and punch, wrestling techniques, strangleholdings and spectacular kicks. His critics accuse him of fighting outside of his natural weight class too often.

Combat statistics: 16 wins, 9 losses, 2 draws