Is white a mindset

Clothing - dress codes

Many items of clothing that are said to have a connection with the right-wing extremist scene come from the skinhead youth culture. This is multicultural in its origins and comes from the working class. Many first-generation British skinheads were colored.

It is also controversial to assign some clothing brands to right-wing extremism. "Traditional" skinheads liked to wear shoes from the brands "Doc Martins", "Levis" pants and outerwear from the brands "Lonsdale", "Fred Perry" or "Ben Sherman". Some of the brands mentioned are now resisting being associated with the subject of "right-wing extremism" - even if this never actually existed. It is more difficult to assign brands that do not come from the "traditional" skinhead cult - such as "New Balance" (sneakers) or the outerwear brands "Pitbull" and "Troublemaker". These companies expressly point out that they have no control over who wears their products. Other brands, on the other hand, have a clear reference to the right-wing extremist scene. The lettering "Consdaple" is an example (it is lettering that pretends to be a brand). For example, if a T-shirt with this name patch is worn under a jacket, only the letters (CO) NSDAP (LE) remain visible. It should be assessed in a similarly clear manner if someone shows himself with the label "Masterrace" ("master race"). In general, clothing should not be a cause for overinterpretation. At most, it can point to extremist attitudes. Only several clues condense into certainty.