Who do you not trust

Who do you ... don't trust?

In the age of digitization, people share more of their private life than ever before in human history. On the other hand, we are pulling the walls of data protection as high as we were with the Tower of Babel. What now? Share or Protect? Who wins?

Basics for understanding

Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Google (also Android as a platform) and Twitter are companies that generate their income from the personal data of their users. Ergo: This is about the capitalization of our data. Anyone who believes that data is being protected here also believes in Santa Claus. There should be. Such people.

Apple, Microsoft and Salesforce

These companies generate value by protecting their customers' data from unauthorized access. Products and services are rock solid and trustworthy because misuse immediately leads to the loss of sources of income.

Trust in change processes

It is completely different when we talk about the trust of employees in the context of digitization initiatives in companies. It depends on something completely different - the personal relationship, which unfortunately is neglected by so-called "change managers". How can this be avoided?

  • Personal involvement through multipliers from the start
  • Personal contact even in enterprise organizations throughout the entire transformation phase
  • Personal communication and dialogue initiatives
  • Personal escalation in critical situations

Sounds trite, doesn't it? But it is precisely at this point that an incredible number of incorrectly “digitized” instruments and obsolete instruments are used. For example newsletters, video snippets / trainings, service platforms and so on. That does not work. This means that highly innovative instruments are required that can be used and implemented by equally innovative change managers. Instruments like this one.

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