How does Federer have 20 Grand Slams

Only Nadal and Djokovic - Thiem excludes Federer

Dominic Thiem excludes Roger Federer as a favorite when it comes to Grand Slam tournaments. Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic play in a league of their own for the Austrian.

Dominic Thiem's ​​career dream finally came true at last year's US Open. The 27-year-old prevailed against Alexander Zverev in the final at the understaffed tournament in New York and won his first Grand Slam title. Roger Federer has 20, but Thiem apparently does not see the Swiss as a candidate for another success.

“Rafael Nadal is the biggest favorite, that's for sure,” said the Austrian with a view to Roland Garros (via “Kronen Zeitung”). This is not really a surprise, after all, the Spaniard is the undisputed king of the sand. What follows afterwards should be less happy for Federer. “A Grand Slam title is something very special. If you are not Rafa or Novak, there is no guarantee of a Grand Slam, ”said Thiem.

The statement makes it clear that Federer's reputation has not exactly improved since his knee injury and after the two failed comebacks in 2021. It is exciting that Thiem gives his assessment with a view to the French Open, but speaks of Grand Slams in general when he briefly leaves Federer outside. Let's see how the Austrian will comment on Federer before the grass tournament in Wimbledon in July.

Incidentally, Thiem sees his own opportunities intact in Paris. «I hope that by the start of Roland Garros I will be almost 100 percent. When I look at the results, I think that the chances at the French Open are probably the best because I have already made it to the final twice. "