How I can lead a peaceful life

How should one live a peaceful life knowing that there is no meaning in life? [closed]


I am not a professional philosopher, but I think there are some obvious points that you should make on your question.

Should I lead a life what I want to do and how I want to live? But the problem with this type of life is that I can't survive because this life requires curiosity and thinking and I keep doing this, then I don't want to make money because, in my opinion, money is just papers made by us. Why should I invest my life on this thing?

If you have no money at all, you don't have much opportunity to get curious and think. An empty stomach isn't very helpful either and will of course shift your priorities towards getting something to eat. The reason for making money is to give you the opportunity to get curious and think.

Of course, that means you're not aiming for more money than you need, but I think that's a good thing.

Also, keep in mind that curiosity and thinking don't have to be mutually exclusive when compared to making money. Scientists become for it paid To apply curiosity and thinking.

But I enjoy my life to live like this, I don't care about anyone

I very much doubt you care about anyone. Imagine everyone you know was gone. Wouldn't you miss some of them? Then take care of them. Would you be happy if they are mad at you? Probably not. That is why you take care of a good relationship with them. Which means that they are to some extent around your Take care of wishes have to otherwise they will see no reason to take care of yours.

In the end, everything you do, sooner or later, has a reverse effect on you. If you don't like this backward effect, it's probably a good idea not to make this decision at first because you'll pay for it later. Not necessarily with money, but with entering a less comfortable or even uncomfortable situation or a situation in which you cannot even come close to living the life you want to live. Of course, failure to make this decision could have an even worse impact on your future life. In this case, it is right to make this decision.

In short, there are limitations in your life that come from outside of you. Living your life the way you really want it means living as close as possible to what you want under the external conditions. And sometimes you have to compromise between a better life now and a possible life later.