Which company offers software for retail?

Helpful business software for founders, start-ups and SMEs

1. Software offers at a glance

2. Which software is useful?

Not every software solution makes sense for every company. A founder or a start-up needs different programs than medium-sized SMEs with more than 50 employees. The bottleneck that prevents a company from being successful is decisive. Perhaps the following things apply to your situation as a founder or entrepreneur?

  • Customer acquisition is unsystematic and hesitant.
  • The offers for your customers seem unprofessional.
  • In the case of invoices, the tax advisor complains of formal errors.
  • Your new online shop gives you a 16-hour day because the effort to book in and out of goods is immense.
  • Your company has grown, but unfortunately not the organization. This leads to errors in the course of projects. The result can be customer complaints.
  • The accounting is confusing and chaotic.
  • Every now and then there are liquidity bottlenecks.

With business software, entrepreneurs should optimize the area in which there are the most problems. If the entrepreneur decides in favor of company software, it becomes part of the operational infrastructure and, with its functions, determines essential processes in the company. A wise choice is therefore necessary.

3. Business software in sales

Anyone who founds a company lacks a customer base at the beginning. So customer acquisition is the bottleneck for every founder. Your company can only grow through consistent customer acquisition. And only through high service quality and targeted customer loyalty can successes in acquisition ensure sustainable sales.

What kind of business software specifically supports customer acquisition and customer loyalty?

Enterprise softwareUse
CRM systemImproves customer acquisition and customer loyalty through central data storage of all important customer information. Creates service quality because errors in customer service are minimized.
Reservation toolSupports customer acquisition in stationary shops and ensures a good service experience.
Project management softwareSupports project work in customer projects, minimizes errors in project work and thus ensures high service quality.

But even a professionally designed offer, created by a good invoicing program, can increase the professional impact of your company to the outside world.

4. Business software for marketing

In the course of digitization, you can specifically support your marketing with good business software. The following options are conceivable for founders, start-ups and the self-employed.

Enterprise softwareArea of ​​application and benefits
Email Marketing Software and Newsletter ToolsIn this way, you systematically inform your existing customers about your offers. E-mail marketing is more cost-effective than traditional mailing by post.
Online marketing tools for your own websiteThey should improve the visibility of your website on search engines and the user experience on your website. These include keyword tools, web analysis tools or SEO tools. Some of these tools are also useful for entrepreneurs and are not only suitable for online marketing specialists.
Online marketing tools for social media channelsThese tools will help you save time managing your social media presence.

5. Office software: accounting software and more

Creating offers and invoices takes time. It is similar with bookkeeping. You can simplify these administrative activities with company software for the back office.

The following software solutions should be considered by the self-employed and entrepreneurs:

Enterprise softwareArea of ​​application and utility
Billing programsOptimize the processes when you prepare offers and write invoices. You save time by automating processes and guarantee legally compliant invoicing.
Time recording softwareThe more precisely you record the times you have worked, the more accurate your billing will be. With project time recording, you no longer waste productive times.
Cash book softwareRetailers and restaurateurs must keep a cash book. A suitable software takes a lot of help from you.
Accounting softwareOptimize paperwork beyond quotations and invoices. They simplify document entry and posting. Often a cash book is also included in the software and you automate the bank account reconciliation. Even annual financial statements can be drawn up with it. Some software solutions aim to optimize the exchange of data between companies and tax advisors.
Logbook softwareThis software saves taxes if the company car is expensive and the share of private use is low. The logbook software simplifies recording and avoids the hassle of tax audits.
Payroll softwareWith this software you can record and bill your employees. As a rule, contributions and taxes are calculated fully automatically.

6. Business software for retail and e-commerce

If you start up in the stationary trade or in the catering trade, you need a cash register. The bottleneck at the retailer is inventory management. In addition to the cash register, he / she needs a merchandise management system. Especially if he is doing e-commerce in addition to the stationary business via web shop and marketplaces.

The cash register software of a cash register system optimizes all cashier processes and often offers interfaces to accounting programs. A merchandise management system organizes all processes from purchasing to sales. Here is an overview of the advantages of these programs:

Enterprise softwareArea of ​​application and benefits
POS systemsOptimized cashier processes, ensures legally secure cash register reports with regard to possible tax audits. Intelligent interfaces to accounting programs simplify accounting processes. Interfaces to merchandise management systems are also possible.
ERP systemControls the entire flow of goods from purchase to sale. Once the data has been created, it is available for invoices, cashier transactions or for reorders of well-selling items (big sellers). A merchandise management system optimizes storage and helps with liquidity management.

7. Business software in the human resources area

The most important types of business software in HR are payroll programs, time and attendance tools, and travel expense software.

Enterprise softwareArea of ​​application and benefits
Payroll programSupports all processes for wage and salary accounting and creates reports to the tax office and the social security agencies. The market is offering more and more solutions that can also be used by career changers when it comes to payroll accounting.
Working time measurementTime recording is part of time recording tools. The attendance time is recorded. These tools support payroll accounting, help with workforce planning and vacation planning.
Travel expense softwareUseful for every entrepreneur who frequently makes business trips himself or who works on site at the customer's. The more often entrepreneurs and employees work away from home, the more useful such a program is.
HR softwareWhether for sub-areas such as recruiting or as an all-in-one system for all personnel management tasks, these programs are the digital solution for modern companies.
Video conferencing systemsIf a company has several locations or external employees, modern systems offer a good opportunity for direct exchange despite the distance.

8. ERP systems - control the entire company

An ERP system is business software that controls the entire company. This enables you to optimize the processes of your entire company with an ERP system. An ERP software includes all functions of possible business software, from CRM to project management, time recording and accounting. Accounting software is therefore a sub-area or a module of an ERP system.

ERP systems range from the inexpensive SaaS solution or cloud solution for founders and start-ups, which you subscribe to online for a manageable monthly fee, to complex systems for which you need the help of a service provider for configuration and implementation. Such systems are intended for larger SMEs, require high investments and cause high monthly costs, often in the high 3-digit or 4-digit range.

When used optimally, you save time and money with ERP software and increase the efficiency of your company.

9. Correctly select business software

Choosing the right business software is one of the main challenges when you want to introduce software or change a system. Wrong decisions when choosing business software are time-consuming and costly. So proceed systematically. Carry out a needs assessment when you introduce specific business software. Targeted central questions are:

  • What kind of business software can you save time with?
  • Which tool can you use to save costs?
  • Which business software will help you to acquire more customers?
  • Where are currently the most problems in the process?

If you now know which company area you want to optimize with company software, you can go specifically to search for the right provider and the optimal solution with the functions that are right for you. Test phases with software from the cloud can be implemented quickly and easily.

10. Conclusion - business software has to be profitable

The task of corporate software is to optimize processes in the company. You should therefore use business software at the greatest bottleneck in your company and set priorities. If the bottleneck is in acquisition, a CRM system, for example, makes sense. If the bottleneck is the chaos of documents in accounting, you should think of modern accounting software.

Use our advice pages on invoicing software, online time recording tools, merchandise management systems for retail and e-commerce as well as ERP software. Also think of things like travel expense accounting or logbook software. Used wisely, a good selection of helpful programs can save you time and money. The systematic selection of company software is crucial.

The more complex the business software and the more important the business area is for the future development of your company, the more important the selection is. Involve your employees in the selection of a company software, create a specification or a catalog of requirements for the necessary functions and systematically test suitable programs.

The more systematic the selection and the better the introduction, the more profitable your company software will be in the form of significant savings in time and costs and better customer acquisition.

Author: Für-Gründer.de editors

As editor-in-chief, René Klein has been responsible for the content of the portal and all publications by Für-Gründer.de for over 10 years. He is a regular interlocutor in other media and writes numerous external specialist articles on start-up topics. Before his time as editor-in-chief and co-founder of Für-Gründer.de, he advised listed companies in the field of financial market communication.