Who protects Iceland

SPUTNIK daily update This Leipzig woman protects orca whales from Iceland

Although spring seems to be a long time coming here in the SPUTNIK zone, it is a whole lot warmer than here in Iceland. Was that a big change for you?

I've lived in Canada before and it got down to -40 ° C. And here in Iceland it is still relatively moderate in comparison. It is of course colder overall than in Germany. But that doesn't cause me any problems, I'm more of the winter type.

How do you have to imagine your job?

We are based in West Iceland, on the Snæfellsnes peninsula. We take around 40 tourists out on the boat. Of course, there are not only orcas to see, but we specialize in them.

I have this double function: I am on the boat as a tour guide and can tell people about the orcas. I have the knowledge for this through my orca research, which I have been doing permanently for three years.

You also started an organization, the "Orca Guardians Iceland". What are you doing there, are you counting the orcas?

That is one of the basic ideas that we of course have behind it, that we first have to find out how many orcas there are here - so that we then have the opportunity to protect them.

We have also started an adoption program for the orcas here. With the donations we get through this, we try to protect orca. For example, we want to set up a stranding network on the peninsula. We train people in every village on how to deal with whales stranding here on the coast - how to bring them back into the sea so that they still have a chance of survival.