What if Naruto dies

Are Naruto and Hinata dying in Boruto?

With the baton passed on to his son, Naruto is no longer the main character and is likely to find his death soon.

Fans have seen Naruto grow from a kid to Hokage. They saw him struggle and survive his way through multiple enemies and situations that were believed to result in death.

Now, having fulfilled his dreams and become one of the most powerful existences in the world, his story seems to be over.

Fortunately, with Boruto released, we still have a chance to see him live his life and see his children forge their own story.

His death was foreseen from the start and fans fear the worst has already happened.

Naruto dies in Boruto?

Naruto Uzumaki is not dead, but he will die in Boruto; It's just a matter of when. Based on Kawaki's testimony in the first episode and the fact that he is no longer the protagonist, Naruto's chances of being alive in the end have been significantly reduced.

Since Boruto is a Shonen series, all characters gradually get stronger and sooner or later; You will surpass the previous generation.

To do this, the writers need something to motivate the characters to get stronger and provide enough opportunities to do so.

Naruto's death will be an incident that creates both. There will be a reason for Boruto to get stronger, that is, to protect loved ones, to get revenge for his father's death, and to develop tension between him and Kawaki.

Another reason Naruto is likely to die is because his presence overshadows his son, who is said to be the main character on the series.

Boruto can only take center stage if the currently strongest, i.e. Naruto, steps back or dies.

While it may seem heartless to use one's death as a means to gain power and will upset fans, it has long been done.

Indeed The powers of Naruto and Sasuke were developed through the sacrifices of beloved characters such as Jiraiya and Itachi.

To bring attention back to the current generation and moderate power, the writers will either seal or kill Naruto, using his death as a turning point in the story.

How will Naruto die?

I. Disastrous results of the new mode

To save his son, his village and the world, Naruto was ready to sacrifice his life to defeat Isshiki.

But just as his power was failing, Kurama revealed that he had a hidden form that could help him succeed. Unfortunately, there was a higher cost associated with this great force.

Naruto turned into a never-before-seen nine-tail shape in the Boruto manga with his death as a prize.

While Kurama made it clear that the Hokage would die after using this new power, fans wonder if a miracle or an armor of action will help him.

Naruto is not going to die in the Boruto manga, especially not at Isshiki's hands. In the first chapter of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations, it was strongly suggested that the Hokage would be defeated by Kawaki.

This means that the time for Naruto has not yet come and the chances of survival are high.

In addition, Naruto is quite persistent. Although he is weaker, he has always managed to strengthen his opponents and survive, if not defeat them. The last time he fought Isshiki, he escaped death again, so it comes as no surprise to him to do it again.

II. Naruto versus the god, Isshiki

Naruto doesn't die in the Boruto manga when Boruto and Kawaki team up to rescue the seventh Hokage from the sealed container Isshiki trapped him in.

Despite his poor condition, Naruto recovers and avoids death again.

When Jigen visited the Hidden Leaf Village to find Kawaki, he was unsuccessful and instead met Naruto, the seventh Hokage.

Jigen then took Naruto to another dimension where both of them, including the recently arrived Sasuke, were embroiled in battle.

Due to Naruto and Sasuke's abilities, Jigen was cornered, causing him to activate his karma seal and overwhelm them. However, because he was consuming so much chakra, Isshiki's personality was awakened.

Isshiki, owned by Jigen, incapacitated Naruto with his chakra drainage barswhile Sasuke escaped.

Isshiki did not kill Naruto because it would use up too much chakra and instead sealed him. Due to this, all traces of Naruto's chakra disappeared and it was assumed that he was dead.

Fortunately, Boruto and Kawaki teamed up to pinpoint Naruto's location, and by syncing their chakra, they managed to save the seventh Hokage. But while Naruto has escaped death, how much longer can he do that?

Is Hinata dying in Boruto?

Once Boruto aired, many fans bet on which main character would die. Aside from Naruto and Sasuke, many surprisingly thought that Hinata would eventually die too.

In the first episode of the Boruto series, we saw Boruto with Jougan and a scar that ran down from his right eye.

Many fans assumed that the Jougan was actually Byakugan, who was transplanted from Hinata after her death. However, it has been proven wrong over the course of the series.

Apart from this "theory" there are other speculations, such as: Hinata dies protecting Boruto in Naruto's absence.

While Hinata's death may actually act as a stimulant for Boruto to get stronger, nothing has been confirmed yet.

Hinata does not die in either the Boruto manga or the anime and is perfectly healthy at this moment. However, she will later die to protect her children during Naruto's absence.

About Boruto

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations is written and illustrated by Mikio Ikemoto and is supervised by Masashi Kishimoto himself. It was serialized in Shueisha's Weekly Shonen Jump in June 2016.

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations is the series that follows the exploits of Naruto's son Boruto during his academic days and beyond. The series follows the character development of Boruto and the looming evil that the fate of him and his loved ones challenges.

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