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In independently investigated reincarnation cases that provide evidence of reincarnation and life after death, the following principles are observed:

Physical similarity in reincarnation cases

The face architecture, shape and proportions of the face can be consistent from lifetime to lifetime. For men, facial hair, such as beards and mustaches, can be retained from one incarnation to another. Physical habits, such as postures and hand gestures, can also be consistent from lifetime to lifetime.

Ian Stevenson, MD The 2007 psychiatrist was a psychiatrist at the University of Virginia. During his career, Dr. Stevenson compiled and studied approximately 2,500 cases with children who spontaneously recalled detailed past lives. Dr. Stevenson traveled to the child's contemporary and past life scenes to interview witnesses and evaluate details contained in these past life accounts. In about 1500 of these cases, the earlier life of these children could be factually confirmed.

Two key Ian Stevenson cases, studied over a period of more than 20 years, show that facial features can remain the same from one lifetime to another, Suzanne Ghanem and Daniel Jurdi.

Consistent facial features throughout life are also observed in other Ian Stevenson cases as well as in many other independently researched reincarnation cases

For example, the powerful reincarnation case of James Huston, Jr. | James Leininger, as well as the John B. Gordon Jeff Keene reincarnation case, also dramatically show how facial features can remain the same across incarnations.

Body types can be consistent from lifetime to lifetime, although size can vary. An individual can be short in one life and great in the next. One can be overweight in one incarnation but maintain a healthier weight in another.

The energy template or the hologram of the soul

How can physical appearance remain the same from one life to another? The answer to this question is unknown, but I suspect that the soul is projecting an energy template, or hologram, into the developing fetus around which the tissues are forming.

The principle is similar to how orthopedic surgeons use electric current to sculpt bones in severe fractures. Not only does this energy template help create a physical appearance, but it can also be used to load information and talent into the developing body and mind, which child prodigies can explain.

Genetics play a role and it seems that the interaction of the soul's energy source and genetic inheritance lead to one's own appearance. An individual who incarnates into another race will have physical characteristics consistent with that race, although the proportions of the face, bone structure, are still consistent from one incarnation to the next. Family resemblances also occur due to genetics. In sum, the soul's energy source interacts with racial and genetic factors to create one's own appearance.

Ghost beings or ghost images

One piece of evidence supporting the existence of an energy body similar to the physical body includes photographs of what appears to be a spirit body trapped in a fatal accident over a car. In this photograph, the spirit body's face is identical to the deceased teenager's face in the car.

Also, the face of the ghost body is trapped in a very dynamic pose, with the mouth wide open, which would be impossible for the corpse to hold because the deceased boy slumped forward in the passenger seat of the car. Additionally, it appears that there is side-to-side movement of the face that is trapped in the photo. The dynamic facial posture and sideways movement suggest that the photo is the result of a double exposure or other camera malfunction.

The existence of an energy or spirit body that reflects our physical appearance will also be through observations in the field of instrumental transcommunication, in which spirits communicate with people through electronic devices such as televisions, telephones, etc.

When spirit beings have transmitted images of themselves from the spirit world, they are observed Spirit bodies that resemble their physical bodies when they were still alive.

Reincarnation, Facial Features & Beauty

In terms of beauty, it seems that any particular facial architecture can be perceived as beautiful or handsome. The perception of beauty largely depends on factors such as skin color and body type. For example, a woman in one incarnation can be tall, thin, have wonderful skin, a perfect smile, and a toned body. Because of these factors and how they affect her appearance, this woman could become a model or a beauty queen. In another incarnation, the same woman with identical facial architecture can be born with a coarse complexion, a strong body, and crooked teeth. This woman would now be considered commonplace by observers.

The point is, any facial architecture can be perceived as beautiful or unattractive based on these variables. I believe that we can take turns being attractive and ordinary, from life to life, based on the lessons we need to learn in a particular incarnation.

Change of religion, nationality, race, ethnicity and gender in reincarnation cases

A very important observation in reincarnation research is that individuals can change religion, nationality, ethnicity, race, and gender from one life to another. Most wars are based on differences in these cultural identity markers. One of the most powerful reincarnation cases showing the change of religion, nationality and ethnicity from one incarnation to another is: Anne Frank Barbro Karlen reincarnation case.

Anne Frank was persecuted and died a Jewish woman in a concentration camp, while Barbro was born into a Christian family in Sweden. If the Nazis knew that one could be born Jewish in one life and Christian in another, then the Holocaust could never have happened

When Jewish Israelis realize that they can be reincarnated as Muslim Palestinians and vice versa, Protestants can reincarnate as Catholics, and Shiites know that they can return as Sunnis, then violence and terrorism because of these differences in affiliation are mitigated.

Gender change in reincarnation cases with insights into homosexuality, lesbism, transsexualism, transgenderism and gender identity disorders

In addition, reincarnation research shows that in around 10 percent of cases a soul changes gender. This percentage was reported by Ian Stevenson, MD in his series of 1200 reincarnation cases in which children had spontaneous memories from the afterlife that were objectively validated.

This observation can tell us why some people are homosexual or have gender identity problems. As mentioned earlier, Ian Stevenson's reincarnation studies show that souls only change gender 10 percent of the time. If a soul is used to incarnating in one gender and then has a lifetime as the opposite sex, that soul can still identify with the previous, common sex. This can lead to homosexuality, transsexuality, transgender problems, and gender identity disorder.

Major Ian Stevenson cases showing gender change with homosexuality or gender identity issues include:

A male Japanese soldier reincarnates as a woman and becomes a lesbian

Chuey, a boy, drowns and reincarnates as a girl, but retains masculine characteristics

Even in these gender-changing cases, the facial architecture can still be the same as in the Louise Vanderbilt | Wayne Peterson and Charles Parkhurst | Penney Peirce reincarnation cases.

Overall, most people keep the same gender from one lifetime to another. As such, it appears that one's soul has an innate masculine or feminine quality. Those who are masculine by nature tend to be born again as men. Those who are feminine by nature prefer to return in a feminine body. We all change genders regularly to learn what it's like to be the opposite sex. While this is not always the case, it is possible for homosexuality or sex disorders such as transsexuality to occur when a soul changes gender.

A past life case that came about in a different way shows in my work with Kevin Ryerson, which shows how gender changes can lead to questions of gender identity: Babe Didrikson Zaharias | Bruce / Caitlyn Jenner

Reincarnation & Personality Traits

Personality traits seem to stay consistent from lifetime to lifetime. The way we approach life and how others perceive you remains consistent. Some of our personality traits are positive and we use them to our advantage. Other personality traits can be detrimental and lead to life from one life to another. It seems that part of our evolution is smoothing out the rough spots in our dispositions.

As an example, consider a person who is extremely aggressive by nature. One benefit of being aggressive is that the person achieves goals. One negative aspect is that an aggressive approach can hurt other people. The goal for an aggressive person over a period of a lifetime or more would be to consider the feelings of others.

Reincarnation Birthmarks & Past Life Scars

Ian Stevenson went to great lengths to study moles and birth defects associated with traumatic wounds in a previous incarnation. For example, if someone died from a bullet or knife wound in a past incarnation, Stevenson noted that a birthmark or scar would appear in the same place on the body in a later lifetime. He has compiled such cases in his huge two-volume work, Reincarnation and Biology: A Contribution to the Etiology of Birth and Birth Defects.

We can use our concept of an underlying energy template in the physical body to understand the mechanism by which birthmarks can be associated with previous life wounds. It seems that this energy source can be influenced by physical trauma. The traumatic imprint on the energy body is then expressed in a subsequent incarnation on the physical body.

Reincarnation explains child prodigies and innate talent

Spiritually and intellectually, we seem to be catching up where we left off. Our hard-earned achievements in spiritual, intellectual and artistic activities are preserved - they are part of us. Hence, efforts to move ourselves forward are never wasted as we build from our life upon our life. Child prodigies can be explained through reincarnation as the soul is able to load information and talent into the developing physical body and mind.

An example of how talents and concepts can be downloaded from the soul includes the Paul Gauguin | Peter Teekamp reincarnation case when Peter unconsciously replicated the sketches made in his previous incarnation as Gauguin. The reincarnation case of John Elliotson | Norm Shealy shows how talent as a doctor can be carried over from one incarnation to the next.

Although talents can come from one life to another, conversely, when the soul has to go a different path in a particular life, talents can become blocked.

Although we seem to have similar levels of spiritual maturity and intellectual advancement over lifetimes, we can come to terms with being poor and rich, famous and unknown. We take turns being put in and out of the spotlight. Our status in life seems to be determined by the karma we have created in previous lives as well as the lessons our souls have established for ourselves. Yet there is the pattern that mighty souls return as mighty souls, great artists come back as great artists, and those who have influenced in the past do so again in later lives.

Reincarnation & Writing, Communication Style and Voice

Just as personality traits remain consistent from lifetime to lifetime, a person's language of expression can be similar from one life to another. In the case of John B. Gordon Jeff Keene, a formal linguistic analysis conducted by a professor at the University of California, Berkeley, showed that the structure of writing can remain unchanged from one incarnation to the next.

Some variation in the style of writing is of course observed due to different customs of different eras. Nevertheless, consistencies in the modes of expression and in content are observed. Just as portraits allow us to see how things can look the same from lifetime to lifetime, historical documents, diaries, and other available documentation allow us to study the style of writing across incarnations.

It will be interesting to see if the voice quality remains consistent from one incarnation to another. In the case of Rosetta Pampanini | Charity Sunshine, opera singing was a calling in both lifetimes. There are recordings that would allow us to compare voice and singing style from one incarnation to the next.

Xenoglossy: Unlearned language & preservation of personality in the soul

In the previous paragraphs it was noted that elements of personality such as B. Character traits, linguistic spelling and talents that can be carried over from one lifetime to the other. More extreme examples include xenoglossy cases where the past life personality appears intact in a contemporary incarnation.

Xenoglossy is the ability to understand a foreign language that has not been learned in life today. In addition to restoring a language from a past lifetime, in some xenoglossic cases the entire past life personality appears and essentially takes over the body of the present personality. These cases show that the soul can keep past life personalities intact.

The Xenoglossy Case of Sharada | Uttara Huddar, studied by Ian Stevenson, MD, demonstrates this phenomenon dramatically. Similar cases include the cases of Xenoglossy Jensen Jacoby | TE and Gretchen Gottlieb | Dolores Jay

One way to imagine how personality is preserved is to see ourselves as a bubble that is a miniature version of our soul. When we incarnate, our bladder is expressed by our soul. Our bladder contains the energies and qualities of our soul. After our incarnation is complete, the soul reabsorbs the bubble that we are and keeps our bubble within itself forever. We are part of our soul, but we keep our individuality that we developed during our life on earth.

In cases like the Sharada | Uttara Huddar reincarnation case, the Sharada bubble that has resided in the soul since its incarnation, emerged from the soul to express itself through Uttara, an incarnated soul bubble.

Reincarnation & Split Incarnation or Parallel Lives (aka Twin Souls, Twin Flames)

Independently investigated reincarnation cases, including many reported by Dr. Ian Stevenson at the University of Virginia show that a soul can animate more than one physical body at the same time. I call this phenomenon "split incarnation". I refer to two people from the same soul who are incarnated at the same time as “divisions”. A dramatic and compelling set of cases illustrating the split incarnation includes Penney Peirce. Other split incarnation cases can be reviewed by clicking the Reincarnation Research case category. "Divided Incarnation."

How does the split incarnation, also known as parallel life, work? Although we don't know for sure, we can think of a split incarnation as the way a mirror ball can split a beam of light into many beams of light. Similarly, the soul can project more than one ray of light or more than one energy template into the physical incarnation at the same time. We can also think of two divisions as two arms of one person. Each arm has its own existence, but both arms are controlled by a brain or mind. In the split incarnation we can see splits as attachments to the soul.

The bubble analogy used above to explain how the soul can retain past life personalities can also be used to better understand a split incarnation. We can think of a split incarnation as the soul's ability to express more than one bubble of itself at a time in physical incarnation.

Relationships renewed through reincarnation, soul groups, and your plan of destiny or life

People seem to live in groups based on shared karma and emotional ties. Couples often get back together and entire family units can come back. When an individual reincarnates, other members of that person's karmic group will be present. For example, in the Penney Peirce reincarnation case cited above regarding the separate incarnation, Penney's sister in her life as Alice Cary was reborn as her sister in her life today. Identifying members of the person's karmic group is another important criterion in creating a past match.

Ian Stevenson did a very important twin study that factually confirmed the past lives of 31 twins (62 people). In 100 percent of these cases, the twins have had significant past relationships. The most common form of relationship in the past has been that of siblings, followed by friendships, other family relationships, and then spouses in the past incarnation.

Previous living conditions of twins

Siblings: 35%

Friends: 29%

Other family relationships: 19%

Spouse: 16%

Stevenson's twin study is hard evidence that souls plan lifetimes to be reunited with loved ones through reincarnation. Two cases presented in this study involve the reincarnation cases of a number of Burmese twins who also show physical resemblance from one incarnation to another. Image comparisons of these Burmese twins who were sisters in their past incarnations are given above. Phyu reincarnated as San and Saipai reincarnated as their twin, Nyunt.

How do we connect with our karmic groups? The answer seems to be fate. In analyzing past cases, it is observed that we all have a predetermined fate or life path that brings us to the people we are supposed to spend time with.

To better understand how fate works, let's use the analogy of a journey. Think of your life as an extended vacation that you plan in advance. You decide who you want and need to see, where you want to go and what activities you want to take part in.

They coordinate your itinerary with the people you want to meet with. You, your karmic friends, and your loved ones agree to the plan before you are born. Once you come into life, fate ensures that you meet your karmic soul group.

The attitudes for karmic affiliations can be our families, our work lives, and our leisure activities. These attitudes are phases in which we play the karmic dramas of our lives. This sheds new light on Shakespeare's sentence: "All life is only a stage."

We meet with different karmic groups at different points in life. When we feel the urge to get a new job, travel to a new city, or find a new pastime, it often becomes part of our destiny. New places bring us to karmic groups to be with.

Reincarnation Xenoglossy case with conscious experience of death, out of body experience, distance viewing, expanded soul consciousness, split incarnation, a mind and planning a life to be reborn in the same family

A truly remarkable reincarnation case researched by Ian Stevenson and Francis Story involves a Thai monk and farmer who consciously lived through his death and rebirth and wrote an autobiography about his reincarnation story. As mentioned in the title above, this past life case is a showcase of the principles of reincarnation that allow us to understand past lives in great depth. To learn more:

Go to: Xenoglossy, split incarnation, experience of death in the same family reincarnation case of Nai Leng | Choose

Reincarnation & Free Will

If it is true that we have a life plan, one has to wonder if we have free will. It looks like we all have a predetermined itinerary that we are obliged to honor, but we have free will in what we do along the way. Indeed, growth and human evolution could not take place without free will. Some people have a more structured itinerary that limits diversionary walks, while others have a less structured game plan. However, we have free will in our particular ways.

Reincarnation & Deja Vu

Karmic groups provide insights into déjà vu experiences. When we meet with people we know in past lives, it's not surprising that we have a spark of appreciation when we meet. Because people have consistent behavior patterns, we can identify these traits and idiosyncratic responses when situations repeat themselves. Finally, déjà vu can occur when we recognize an event that is part of our itinerary. We can become aware of a road marking on our predetermined path.

Reincarnation & abortion

If reincarnation is accepted, abortion can be viewed in a different way, as reincarnation research shows that souls exist before conception rather than being created at the time of conception.

Abortion eliminates a possibility for a soul to incarnate in a particular family, although the soul can be reunited with that particular family by other means, such as reincarnating into that family at a later date or incarnating into an emotional family nearby.

A very interesting case related to the problem of abortion is the Ian Stevenson reincarnation case by Pertti Haikio | Samuel Helander. After he died at the age of five, Pertti was able to contact his surviving sister Marja telepathically from the spirit world. Marja was pregnant and was considering an abortion. From the spirit world, Pertti told her not to have an abortion because he wanted her to be born again. As a result, Marja continued the pregnancy and it appears that Pertti was indeed reborn as her son Samuel.

Of interest in the Felix Fresnel | Christophe Albrecht Reincarnation Case, information is provided indicating that the soul is firmly attached to the fetus in about 3 months of pregnancy.

Spirit beings or spirit guides involved in reincarnation cases

In many independently inferred reincarnation cases, including cases researched by Ian Stevenson, MD, involvement of the mind is observed as reincarnation cases are established or resolved. The Reincarnation Cases of John B. Gordon Jeff Keene, John Elliotson | Norm Shealy and Carroll Beckwith | Robert Schnee are good examples.

Ian Stevenson reported that "proclaiming dreams" occurs frequently in reincarnation cases where a soul heralds or predicts its impending incarnation in dreams that are passed on to those who will be friends or family of the soul in their next incarnation. In fact, about 1,200 validated past childhood memories announced dreams in 22 percent of Stevensons. Announcing dreams is also evidence that souls plan lifetimes.

Another example of a soul planning its next incarnation is the reincarnation case of James Huston, Jr. | James Leininger. In this case, as a young child, James Leininger told his parents that he had seen them before he was born. Little James told Bruce and Andrea, his parents, that he had watched them at the pink hotel in Hawaii and found that they would be good parents. Bruce and Andrea actually stayed at the pink Royal Hawaiian Hotel a few months before James arrived. Nobody had told little James that his parents had stayed in Hawaii before he was born.

Reincarnation, synchronistic events and anniversary phenomena

Another feature observed in past research is that in modern times synchronistic events and symbols are observed that seem to reinforce previous connections in life. It seems that spirits can communicate with people by staging such symbolic events. Although firm conclusions cannot be based on such synchronistic events, they appear to occur in reincarnation cases.

Attraction to specific geographic locations and geographic memory in reincarnation cases

Individuals are often drawn to past life geographic settings. In many cases, people are watched as they move to places where they previously lived. Individuals can live in these areas or visit old places on vacation. In some cases it seems that the soul is simply nostalgic for familiar attitudes.

In other cases, the soul can direct the individual to a specific location to trigger a past life memory or to facilitate a spiritual awakening. Robert Schnee and Jeffrey Keene's cases illustrate how guidance on geographic locations can lead to past life revelations.

In addition, when people arrive at past live locations, memories of specific locations, such as past living houses, can be stimulated. For example, in the Anne Frank Barbro Karlen case, by the age of ten, Barbro was able to lead her parents from their hotel to the Anne Frank House without instructions, even though she had never been to Amsterdam before.

Past Lives Memories and Past Lives Regression

Past life memories can have a profound effect on the individual who experienced them. Memories can arise spontaneously or through past regressions. In a past life regression, a therapist guides a person into a state of deep relaxation. The subject is trained to go back in time until past lives are experienced or remembered.

Past life memories obtained through regressions that appear to be accurate have been recorded in the Carroll Beckwith | Robert Snow reincarnation case as well as the compelling foreign glossy cases of Gretchen Gottlieb | Dolores Jay and Jenson Jacoby | TE researched by Ian Stevenson, MD.

If reincarnation is real, how can the population be so much larger today than it was before?

The easiest way to address this problem has to do with the frequency of incarnation. In the past, when the population on earth was much smaller, souls could incarnate much less often. If the population was one tenth the size of a recent period, souls could incarnate ten times less often.

For example, in earlier ages a soul could only incarnate once every 1000 years, but if the population grew ten times over time, a soul could incarnate every 100 years. As the earth's population has increased over the centuries, souls have had the opportunity to incarnate more frequently. With today's population, it seems that souls can incarnate almost continuously. In the previous life cases of Ian Stevenson, MD, Suzanne Ghanem (pictured right) and Daniel Jurdi, reincarnation occurred at one year.

Another way to explain the increased population of the earth is split incarnation, where a soul can inhabit more than one human body at the same time.

A more detailed explanation of reincarnation and population growth can be found in my book: Origin of the soul and the purpose of reincarnation

Conclusions on reincarnation and understanding past lives

In sum, individuals seem to have the same facial features, personality traits, talents, and even a linguistic writing style from lifetime to lifetime. One way to think about reincarnation is to think about how to fall asleep at night and wake up the next morning.

Just as we awaken from sleep in the morning as we were the night before, we think of death and reincarnation in a similar way. We die and awaken in a next life as the same person. Unlike waking up from sleep with reincarnation, we usually don't remember who we were the night before.

With reincarnation one can also wake up in a different country and in a family with a different ethnic origin and religion than before. We can also wake up in a different sex and race. These factors and opportunities that are given to us influence the path of our life.

As mentioned earlier, the evidence of reincarnation shows that souls plan lifetimes, including the families into which they will be born. Changing nationality, religion, race, gender, or ethnicity is therefore a conscious choice to improve the experience and growth of the soul. Overall, it seems that growth, development of the soul, occurs when we live as human beings until we reach the point where we can complete our earth school and follow development on the spirit levels.

The observation that religion, nationality, race and ethnicity can change from one incarnation to another is very important from a social point of view. Since most wars are based on differences in these cultural identity markers, evidence of reincarnation can help create a more peaceful world as we realize that we are all truly universal souls. If we see ourselves as universal souls, if we understand that we are all brothers and sisters who develop together through lives on earth, then there will really be peace on earth.

James Huston, Jr. | James Leininger reincarnation case

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