Are aircraft seats cleaned regularly?

Disgust alarm at Ryanair: Passenger films dirty airplane toilet

First Ben Perry had to wait four hours longer than planned for his Ryanair flight from Comiso in Sicily to London, then a really nauseating experience awaited him: When he entered the toilet of the plane, he would have liked to run back out again.

Delay, a dirty toilet and a rude Ryanair flight attendant

The toilet bowl, the mirror over the sink and even the changing table in the toilet cubicle were completely filthy. The flight attendant, to whom Ben Perry complained, as he reported in a Twitter post with a video of the toilet, went one better.

The dirty toilet was not his problem, the flight attendant replied, said Ben Perry. Customer friendliness is apparently not very important at Ryanair, commented the passenger.

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Ryanair says the aircraft toilets are cleaned regularly

When asked by the reporter how often Ryanair toilets are cleaned, the airline replied: "All Ryanair aircraft are thoroughly cleaned by professionals at the end of each day - in accordance with industry standards." The cabin crew also guide at the end of every flight carry out a cabin and toilet cleanliness check.

The flight on which the video was recorded was delayed by two hours and not, as stated by the passenger, by four hours due to personnel bottlenecks at air traffic control. In addition, the airline apologized to the passengers via SMS and email.

The airline did not give a reason for the dirty toilet.