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In social media post: Mike Pence calls Donald Trump "my father"


The Vice President of the United States has caused confusion: In a paid social media campaign, he referred to Donald Trump as his father. The reason for this is said to be a careless copying from a post by Trump's sons.

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  • US Vice Mike Pence has named Donald Trump as his father in a social media post.
  • The post was orchestrated by Trump's campaign team.
  • The mistake is said to have originated in a careless copying over from a post by Trump's sons.

In a paid social media post from Donald Trump's campaign team, Mike Pence called for donations for Donald Trump. This is the only way to prevent Joe Biden, the Democratic presidential candidate.

Irritating: In this post, Pence describes Donald Trump as his father. "I was able to convince my father that he would give you another chance and extend the offer by an hour," writes Pence in the post. This is reported by the "Huffington Post"

The post appeared on Facebook and Instagram and was aimed primarily at voters in Texas and Florida. The post is now inactive.

Users on social media connected the wrong wording with the fact that there was a careless copy-paste of the text. Because the identical formulation can also be found in an appeal for donations from Trump's sons, Donald Trump Jr. and Eric Trump.