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10 Best Free Video Editing Programs for Windows (2021)

No other medium is more in demand on the Internet than videos. Thousands of new videos are uploaded to YouTube and Facebook every minute. Would you like to get involved and edit and cut your own videos with good video editing freeware? We have put together what we believe to be the 10 best free video editing programs 2020 for Windows XP / Vista / 7/8/10, which are aimed at beginners, advanced users and professionals. Do you use an operating system other than Windows on your computer? Then we recommend reading our test articles on the 5 best free video editing programs for Mac or comparing it to the 10 best free video editing programs for Linux. Take a look at the table and choose the most popular video editing program Trim MP4 video!

Part 1: The Best Free Video Editing Programs for Beginners

Have never edited or cut a video, or just made some basic edits like trimming, merging and splitting videos, but still want to add effects to your videos? Don't worry, the following free video editing programs for Windows will be easy to use even as a complete newbie.

Wondershare Filmora X

Wondershare Filmora X offers an intermediate way between beginner-friendliness and professional video editing functions. With the powerful video editor, you can perform basic editing such as video cutting, trimming and merging, as well as functions such as green screen, split screen, tilt-shift, video stabilization, 3D-Lut and Make use of screen recordings that you would otherwise only find in much more expensive professional video editing programs.

The heart of the Filmora video editing program are the hundreds of individually adaptable templates, audio files and effects. Add transitions, text effects, royalty-free music and sound effects to your videos with one click. In our Filmstock effects library you will find many more resources that you can download and use directly in your videos in Filmora X. You will also find thousands of other effects on topics such as travel, gaming, beauty and much more. You can adapt the finished videos to different playback devices such as smartphones, televisions and tablets, or upload them directly to Facebook and YouTube.

You can use the trial version of Wondershare Filmora free of charge; watermarks are added to the output videos, which you can remove by purchasing the inexpensive software. The best thing, however, is that you only pay once for a lifetime version. If you are looking for a video editing program that has more features than the other free programs in this article, but is just as easy to use, then you should definitely take a look at Wondershare Filmora.

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  • Pro: Ease of use, huge selection of effect templates, license-free music, advanced editing functions such as green screen
  • Cons: Doesn't support 360-degree videos, watermark in free version
Windows versionMain functionspricewebsite
Windows 7, 8 and 10 (64-bit)Video editing & editing, templates for filters, elements, texts, audio and moreFree trial versionfilmora.wondershare.com/de

Microsoft Story Remix

With the Creators Update for Windows 10, Microsoft has almost unnoticed expanded the operating system's photo app with some video editing functions. The application called Story Remix is ​​a further development of Windows Movie Maker. When you open the Windows 10 Photos app, you'll find the option for Create in the top left corner. You can either create a video from scratch, or let the program do the work and choose the "Automatically create video with music" option. The application gives you the ability to set the duration of the video, apply filters and add effects and music. However, you only get a number of 3D effects if you have an Office 365 license. All in all, story remixing is a lot of fun. However, the lack of a timeline in which to arrange the various clips and effects chronologically makes the application unsuitable for serious video editing.

  • Pros: Very easy to use, cool 3D effects, automatic video creation
  • Cons: No timeline, very limited editing
Windows versionMain functionspricewebsite
10Effects, filters, music, automatic video creationFree of charge, more effects with an Office 365 licensenot available

Windows Movie Maker 2012

Windows Movie Maker should not be missing from any listing of the best free video editing programs. The Video Editor is officially no longer supported by Microsoft, but it still works on newer Windows versions. Windows Movie Maker lets you add transitions, subtitles, and music to your videos. The program is also ideal for basic editing such as cutting and joining video. If you are using an older version of Windows on your computer and are looking for a free video editing program that you can use immediately, even without prior knowledge, Movie Maker is definitely recommended. If you are using Windows 10, we recommend taking a look at the newer and also free Microsoft Story Remix.

  • Pros: Ease of use, adding filters, transition effects and music
  • Cons: Out of date, support has been discontinued, no timeline

Free video editor

As the name suggests, the Free Video Editor is a free video editing program that you can use to cut and trim videos. The great advantage of the Free Video Editor is that the video does not have to be encoded again after it has been cut. The quality of the original video is therefore retained and you save time. If you are looking for video editing software specifically for this purpose, it is worth trying Free Video Editor.

  • Pro: Cut time-saving video without loss of quality
  • Cons: No functions except video editing


The open source software Avidemux may look old-fashioned and is only available in English, but it is completely free and reliably handles video editing and coding tasks. The user interface is clearly structured and kept clear, but unfortunately does not offer a timeline that would simplify editing. You will also look in vain for transitions, music and advanced video editing functions in Avidemux, but you can apply filter effects to your videos.

  • Pro: Excellent video editing & encoding functions
  • Cons: Outdated user interface and no timeline
Windows versionMain functionspricewebsite
Windows Vista, 7, 8 and 10Video editing, coding, filters, transitionsFreeavidemux.sourceforge.net


Like Avidemux, Shotcut is open source software that you can use for free. This is where the similarities between the two programs end, because Shotcut not only looks much more modern, but also comes with a larger range of functions. The free video editing program offers a well-designed user interface with a timeline that makes it easier to cut and trim videos. The wide range of video and audio filter effects that you can customize to suit your needs is also praiseworthy.

  • Pro: Excellent functions for video cutting & trimming, large selection of filter effects, successful interface
  • Cons: No preview for filter effects
Windows versionMain functionspricewebsite
Windows Vista, 7, 8 and 10Video editing, video and audio filtersFreeshotcutapp.com

Videopad Video Editor

The Videopad Video Editor from NCH Software is very similar to Windows Movie Maker, but offers significantly more functions. You can use the software's timeline to easily combine video clips, images and audio and apply filters and transitions to your videos. Thanks to regular updates, modern features such as 360-degree video editing find their way into the free software. The wide range of supported file formats and the easy-to-use user interface make the Videopad Videopad an ideal video editing program for beginners.

  • Pro: Modern features such as editing 360-degree and 4k videos
  • Cons: No templates
Windows versionMain functionspricewebsite
Windows XP SP3, Vista, 7, 8 and 10Video editing, transitions, editing of 360 degree and 4k videosFreenchsoftware.com/videopad/

Part 2: Best Free Video Editing Programs for Advanced Users & Professionals

Video editing is in your blood and looking for a free video editing program that will allow you to customize every detail of your videos? The following programs are used in adapted versions for professional Hollywood productions and leave nothing to be desired in terms of functionality. These editing programs are of higher quality and have more complex functions than the above-mentioned video editing programs for beginners and generally need a certain know-how in order to get the full potential of these video editing programs.


For more than 25 years, Lightworks has been used in professional film productions such as Pulp Fiction, The King’s Speech and The Wolf of Wall Street. For non-commercial home use, the video editor is generously completely free. When it comes to functionality, Lightworks outshines the competition. The first glance at the user interface is accordingly overwhelming, and not only beginners are dizzy. No matter which video productions you want to realize - Lightworks makes it possible. The video editor offers, among other things, real-time effects, color correction and masks. The range of functions is constantly being expanded through regular updates. If you have enough time and self-discipline, you will hardly find a more powerful free video editing program than Lightworks.

  • Pro: Huge range of functions that leaves nothing to be desired
  • Cons: Difficult entry, cluttered user interface
Windows versionMain functionspricewebsite
Windows 7, 8 and 10 (64-bit)Video editing & editing, templates for filters, elements, texts, audio and moreFree trial versionlwks.com/lightworks

Davinci Resolve

Davinci Resolve has the scaled-down, but free version of Davinci Resolve Studio. The professional video editor is characterized above all by its extensive video editing functions. For example, you can use the multicam cut function to cut material from several cameras together. The tools for color correction and audio adjustment are tough and go far beyond what comparable free video editing programs offer. You can see the result of your edits in real time thanks to the powerful engine. If you are looking for a professional free video editor primarily for video editing, audio editing and color grading, there is no way around Davinci Resolve.

  • Pro: Extensive functions for video editing, color correction and audio editing and great performance
  • Cons: Not all functions are available in the free version
Windows versionMain functionspricewebsite
Windows 7, 8 and 10Video editing, audio editing, color correctionFree of charge in a scaled-down versionblackmagicdesign.com/davinciresolve/

Hit movie Express

Who wouldn't want cool effects like in Hollywood productions in their video? With Hitfilm Express you can make this dream come true. Provided that you don't be put off by the somewhat unusually structured user interface, which is very different from other video editors. The basic version of the extensive video editor comes completely free of charge. Additional functions and templates can be activated for a fee. The range of functions is considerable even in the basic version, so you have access to various video editing and filter effects. Hitfilm is aimed primarily at amateur filmmakers who want to recreate scenes and effects from well-known film series. For this purpose, Hitfilm offers fun tutorial videos and paid add-on packs, such as "Sci-fi Adventure", with which you can recreate the iconic lightsaber fights. To be able to use Hitfilm Express, you should own a computer with a fast CPU, at least 4GB of RAM and a graphics card with 2GB of memory or more.

  • Pros: Allows for cool effects, fun tutorial videos
  • Cons: Unusual user interface, hungry for hardware
Windows versionMain functionspricewebsite
Windows 7, 8 and 10Video editing, audio editing, color correctionFree of charge (addons & more functions for an extra charge)hitfilm.com/express


FilmoraPro is the big brother of Filmora X and comes with advanced functions and offers you the ultimate video editing experience. It has never been so easy to use or incorporate a professional cutting program. With a clean and elegant user interface, even beginners can easily learn to edit videos and quickly cut them together to create Hollywood-style movies. Thanks to powerful functions such as a dynamic timeline, editing videos with FilmoraPro is smooth and pleasant. Poor sound quality in your video can easily be converted into a perfect sound experience through noise reduction, audio synch and compression. The video editing program even offers keyframing for motion graphics, that is, creating user-defined animations such as texts and graphics. The FilmoraPro effects library won't let you down here either. You have access to chroma key, blurring and distortion and many more effects that promise precise results when editing your videos. The color correction and LUT function ensures that you always use the correct color tone for your edited videos. Conclusion: The simple functionality and intuitive user interface of the free video editing software is best suited for users who expect a fast learning curve when editing and cutting videos.

  • Pro: Simple and intuitive functionality for that it is a professional editing program
  • Cons: When the videos are exported, the free version gets a watermark

Want to make simple edits to your videos while you're on the go? With Top 10 Video Editing Apps for Android and Top 10 Video Editing Apps on iPhone, you don't have to resort to a desktop computer to get more out of your videos.

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