What does axle weight mean

Axle load: why is this value so important?

What does the term “axle load” mean?

That becomes with the axle load Weightedthat on the Axle of a vehicle burdens. The heavier the vehicle, the more greater forces act not only on the axis, but also on the wheels. This connection has to total weight of the vehicle. If this is too difficult, in the worst case it can become one Axle break come.

But even if the axles can withstand the load, they stay heavy motor vehicles a problem - at least for him Road surface. The roadways wear out faster and it arise potholeswho in turn the Compromise security can. For this reason, too, there are legal regulations that determine how high the maximum axle load for trucks and cars.

FAQ: axle load

What is the axle load?

This term describes the maximum weight that can be placed on the axle of a motor vehicle or trailer.

What sanctions are there if the axle load is exceeded?

In any case, you have to expect a fine, how high it is, but it depends to a large extent on how much the axle load was exceeded, what type of vehicle you were traveling with and what you had loaded. Whether you are the owner of the vehicle at the same time also plays a role. The amounts can be between 35 and 637.50 euros. In addition, most violations incur an additional point in Flensburg.

Where can you find the information for the maximum axle load?

To get to the legal requirements In order to be able to hold, you must of course first find out how high the permissible axle load for your vehicle. You will find the exact information on the axle load in the vehicle registration document (Registration certificate part 1). Here is in Field L records exactly how many axes the Car or truck owns. The maximum axle load is then recorded under point 8. If you still have an old vehicle registration document, you can find this information in Field 16 and 18 Find.

How can you calculate the axle load?

Basically it is Calculation of the axle load not difficult at all. If you before the trip determine the axle load of your motor vehicle, you can use a possible overload Prevent your car or truck by doing the Reduce the weight of the load. An overload occurs whenever the maximum allowable Total mass exceeded becomes.

Independently whether you want to calculate the axle load for a truck or a car, you go with it basically the same in front. First of all, you need the actual mass determine the car. You can do this by being Empty weight with the weight of the Add charge. The total mass is then only reduced by the number of axes divided. By calculating you will learn how much weight is on a single axis rests.

You can use this to calculate the axle load formula carry out:

Axle load = (empty weight + load) / number of axles

The axle load is very theoretical value, because by one uneven charge distribution becomes some axis stronger burdened than the average value indicates. Besides, the burdens are with you stationary vehicle different from a traveling one. When you start off, the weight shifts to the rear, on the other hand when braking Forward.

What do you have to consider when calculating the axle load for the car?

To the actual axle load To calculate from the car, you can use the formula presented problem-free use. The main reason that the car is overloaded is simply that the driver does not Do not take vehicle occupants into account. Of course, these also have a certain weight on the scales and are therefore to be taken into account with the loading weight. If you factor this in, it is quite possible that you will find the Exceed permissible axle load.

Axle load on trucks: calculation

When calculating the axle load for the truck, the formula limited be applied. You can calculate the axle load on a truck in this way, but the Axle load distribution from the truck with the simplified formula not taken into account. It could well be the charge not evenly distributed is, but certain axes are more heavily loaded than intended. These could be a Overuse break. The longer and heavier the truck, the more serious an unevenly distributed charge can have an effect.

Because a formula not enoughto get one for each individual transport detailed analysis to carry out the axle load for the truck, the freight forwarders rely on the appropriate Computer programs. These take into account the maximum axle load of the truck and create one based on this Loading plan. With the help of the program, the Ensure freight forwardersthat the loads are evenly distributed and the permissible axle load on the truck not exceeded becomes.

Actually it would be one exact examination necessaryto find out how the position of the load affects the axle load. Since this is with a large expenditure of time and effort would be connected, the computer program is one indispensable helpto determine the axle loads of the trucks.

How can you determine the axle load on a trailer?

If you want to determine the axle load of your trailer, you can do so Not just use the formula presented. Part of the weight rests on the Trailer coupling of the vehicle. The power that is applied to the
Towing hitch acts is called Vertical load designated. There not all of the weight rests on the axles of the trailer, this must Support load deducted from the total mass to calculate the axle load.

Axle load = (empty weight + load - vertical load) / number of axles

This formula can be used for followers with a Rigid drawbar, Central axis or Tandem axle apply. While the vertical load plays a major role with single-axle trailers, it loses with multi-axle trailers in importance.

Owns the trailerno continuous Axle, but the wheels are connected to a single, short axle, the formula can not applied become. Instead, the total mass (empty weight + cargo) is determined by the Half the number of wheels divided.

Video: overloading the trailer

The following video provides important information about the Overload on trailers:

What are the penalties for exceeding the permissible axle load?

Every driver should be before departure with a look in the vehicle registration document about the axle load for his vehicle to inform. Especially who with the car on vacation wants to drive runs the risk of overloading his car. At Truck drivers is the risk of violating the legal requirements, always present.

Because an overload quite dangerous if, for example, the axle breaks, you can also do this for this be prosecuted. If the permissible axle load is exceeded, the traffic offender is threatened Fines. How much the fines are depends on how many percent the vehicle is above the permitted weight.

Independent of Degree of overload In addition to the fine, there is always a point in Flensburg.

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Axle load: why is this value so important?
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