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Using fixed connections with prepositions Some verbs have a fixed connection with a preposition. You probably know which prepositions are missing here: wait? someone think? something to care? something. a) Assign a suitable prepositional group as a continuation to the beginning of each sentence. b) Underline the predicate and the corresponding preposition. 1 We are not afraid A against the cell phone ban in the school yard. 2 Peter is happy about B unfair Facebook comments. 3 Tanja is annoyed with C about his new computer game. 4 The class defended itself on our funny TV evening? 5 You convinced me E before an internet outage. 6 Do you remember F about her opinion? Some verbs, nouns and adjectives combine with a very specific preposition to form a prepositional group. I like to think about the holidays. (Accusative) to my relatives. (Accusative) The annoyance about the comments was intense. (Accusative) about the brother was great. (Accusative) The teacher is satisfied with the result. (Dative) with the new student. (Dative) a) Which preposition is correct? Cross out the wrong ones and write the sentences correctly in your exercise book. b) Use the substitute sample to determine the case of the subsequent noun. 1 My friend asked about / about / about my new favorite band. (= Case) 2 I waited a whole hour for / before / for a message from you. (= Case) 3 We all suffered a lot from / under / over the slow internet connection. (= Case) 4 What can I contribute to / for / on the video evening? (= Case) 5 My teacher drew our attention to / on / off a website. (= Case) In which apprenticeships do you need which digital media and aids? Match together. 1 Technical draftsman A Booking platform 2 Book and media economist B Error diagnosis program 3 Hotel clerk C E-book reader 4 Car technician D CAD program (drawing program) O28 Important Ó Explanatory film wu35hf Ü29 M Extra 66 Summarize information Listening / Speaking Writing Reading 3 Grammar Grammar / Spelling These connections are different in English, so it says I'm interested in! And in Turkish there are no prepositions at all, they are expressed differently! For testing purposes only - property of the publisher öbv

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