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Epic as a large form of the epic: What are typical features?

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Do you deal with the courtlyliterature of Middle Ages, will most likely refer to the type of text or genreepos to meet. At school you will definitely look at the epic in German one day. In this text you will learn how to do this typical features and the historyof the epic know better.

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The term epos derives from that Latin epos or that Greek epos from and means speech or narrative

7 facts about the genus epic

We already have them for you most important information about the epic compiled:

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  1. The epic belongs to epic large form.
  2. The origin of the epic lies in orally transmitted mythical stories.
  3. The epic is poetry in sophisticated language and verse.
  4. The epic possesses a even meter and formulaic twists.
  5. The lyrics were originally for the Public lecture certainly.
  6. Typical Content for the epic are: Exploits, manners, customs, battles, gods, love, death and friendship.
  7. The courtly epic should especially the Roles and values legitimize the society of that time.

In the following you will learn more about the history, to thecontent and Features of the epic as a major form of the epic.

The epic as a large form of the epic

We divide literary texts of all kinds into three Major genera a: Epic, Lyric and Drama. But what does Epic actually?

The epic is that narrativeliterature in verse- or Prose formthat go through the fictionaltellerthat presents the story. The most varied of epic texts are often based on their length differentiated, so that a division into Large- and Short epik is hit. The epic is one alongside the novel epicLarge form.

What is an epic - definition

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The epic as a large form of the epic is a poetry, in the more upscalelanguage and Verse is written. Usually the texts were for the Lecture in the Publicity certainly. The simple one is characteristic Stringing together of Episodes and usually even meter. Often were formulaicTwists in a high Style level used.

The epic: history

The epics find their origin in mostly orallyhanded down, mythologicalstories as Say around Gods and the legitimation of Rulers as godlike Shape. Often they were real Incidents how Migration of Nations, Wars or State foundations processed. With Homers Works "Illias" and "Odyssey"we have the oldest European epics that are known as Idol should serve for further Latin and medieval epics.

The Middle High GermanHeroic epic lets itself into the events of the Migration period backdate. You grab the fabric older GermanicSagas on. The were known from this genus Niebelungenlied (1200) and that Kudrun song (13th Century).

Features and content of the epic

In general, epics tell of great ones Exploits, Manners and Customs, Fight of gods and heroes, but also of love, death and Friendship. So we find the most diverse Motifs

Within the courtly literature of the Middle Ages you will increasingly focus on that courtlyepos meet and deal with him. They primarily convey that Role concepts the one at that time courtly-chivalroussociety. In doing so, they pick up ancient, oriental and especially celticLegends back. Especially those Arthurian novels ultimately shape the German courtly epic. Thematically it is mostly about chivalrousHeroes from the circle of King Arthur, who appeared in numerous Adventures as Knight have to prove themselves. However, no true events are told, but the epics must be as Idealizations and Confirmations the knightly Moral concepts to be read.

Now you have a few points about epos experienced, which should be enough to get a general overview to have about this type of text. Your Knowledge you can now with our Exercises testing. We wish you a lot fun