How is Valyrian steel made

How do you identify a Valyrian steel?

Valyrian steel can no longer be found because it was made from magic and dragon fire. The way to identify a Valyrian steel sword is that it has a wavy, rust-colored, reddish effect when folded back over itself over and over again. It never needs to be sharpened and is stronger and lighter. They say it looks like fire. In S4 E1, Tywin Lannister says that there are only three men in the world who can work with Valyrian steel. Tobho Mott forged Ice, Ned Stark's sword, into two swords for Lord Tywin. They can no longer be made; they can only be forged from another piece of Valyrian steel by those who know how. It seems like it's the same material as obsidian or dragonglass, according to Samwell Tarly and Jon Snow. So Jon Snow took dragon glass to Hardhome, knowing it could be used to kill White Walkers. In S3 E8, Samwell Tarly killed a White Walker with one, which proves it's true. In Hardhome S5 E8, Jon kills a White Walker with Longclaw. What we do know is Valyrian Steel. It cannot be alloyed with any other steel as it is not made like any other steel and cannot be mixed.


There is a clear difference between obsidian (dragon glass) and Valyrian steel (dragon steel).