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Taylor Swift: That's what she reveals about love for Joe Alwyn

Little is known about the relationship between Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn. In the documentary "Miss Americana" the couple shows that they are deeply in love.

In the Netflix documentary "Miss Americana", pop star Taylor Swift (30, "Lover") grants rare insights into her emotional world and her private life. Fans see her falling in love with her boyfriend, British actor Joe Alwyn (28, "The Favorite - Intrigue and Insanity"). In one scene, Swift falls around Alwyn's neck beaming with joy after a concert. The two hug each other, he kisses her lovingly on the forehead. A rare sight as the couple keep their relationship out of the public eye. But that's not all.

Wanting to have children at Swift?

A clip assembly with private video recordings will also be shown. The videos were obviously made by Alwyn of the singer. In the clips, the singer is visibly beaming with happiness. In a short sequence in the car, for example, she lovingly kisses his hand. On the voiceover, Swift says, "I fell in love with someone who had a really wonderfully normal, balanced, down-to-earth life." She adds, "We decided together that our relationship should be private." She calls it "happiness without anyone else contributing to it".

In an interview with one of her producers, Swift also explains that she is not ready for children yet. "One part of me feels like I'm 57 years old, another part is definitely not yet ready for children [...]", says the 30-year-old. In addition, she has "not the luxury" to "worry about these things" because her life is "planned two years in advance".

Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn are said to have met at the Met Gala in May 2016, according to media reports. There were first reports of an alleged liaison in spring 2017. Some of the songs on Swift's albums "Reputation" (2017) and "Lover" (2019) are inspired by the British.