What are the uses of ROM

What does "ROM" mean? Explanation and definition


You've heard about ROM but don't know what it is? Netzwelt explains it to you.

That means ROM: "Read only Memory"

All roads lead to Rome. At least that's what they say about the Italian capital. The acronym ROM is a little different. It stands for "read only memory". This is a read only memory or literally translated as "read-only memory".

This data memory can only be read in normal operation. So not writing. Therefore it is not fleeting either. This means that it saves its data even when the power is off. Data saved in this way can be called up and viewed again and again as required. It is not possible to change or overwrite with other data.

Where is ROM used?

The ROM memory is used in embedded systems with unchangeable software. On PCs, for example, the BIOS is in a ROM that can only be changed through replacement or external reprogramming. Incidentally, CD-ROMs are not called that without a reason. Here, too, ROM means "read only memory". CD-ROMs are a permanent storage medium for digital data such as SW or games.

Attention risk of confusion

You should not confuse ROM and RAM. They only differ in one letter, but are something completely different or the opposite.

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