Why do you like friends

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After breakfast In the afternoon In the morning For dinner Then from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. Afterwards at noon After dinner Marie gets up and washes herself. she gets dressed and has breakfast. she goes to school. she has lessons. she eats a soup and does her homework right away. she meets with her friend. she eats a bread with cheese. bathes them. she goes to bed. LOGICO-FörderboxPICCOLO 3319 – Sprachbildung Alles übermich A day with Marie Complete the sentences. 17 I help him with difficult math problems. Yes, sometimes I argue with my girlfriend. Most of the time I get along with her again very quickly. I tell her a lot of secrets. I often visit him on weekends. Do you ever argue with your girlfriend? Will you get on well with her right away? Do you visit your boyfriend sometimes? Are you helping your friend with homework? Are you telling your girlfriend something very secret? LOGICO-FörderboxPICCOLO 3319 – Sprachbildung Alles übermich Small conversations with friends Find the right answer. 21 get along. meet to work. to have a fight. meet to play. encourage yourself. tease yourself. to help yourself. arrange to meet. give yourself something for free. tell each other something. Friends can… LOGICO support boxPICCOLO 3319 – Sprachbildung Allesüberme Friends Match correctly. 20 Carlo is sitting next to me. my favorite spaghetti Carlo is my best friend. He is good at scoring goals. probably three to the North Sea. His name is Mr. Lempel. Yes, I would like a dog. Sports Well, I don't know that exactly yet. Leon's grandpa is visiting. He wants to know a lot about Leon. What is your favourite subject? What is the name of your teacher? Who is sitting next to you? Where is your next class trip going? Would you like a pet? What do you wish for grandma and me for your birthday? How many friends do you have? Who is your best friend? What do you particularly like about him? What should I cook for you tonight? LOGICO-FörderboxPICCOLO 3319 – Sprachbildung Alles überme Leon's grandpa has many questions. Find the correct answer. 24 his bike has been stolen he keeps annoying other children his bird has flown away it has received such beautiful presents it is the best swimmer The girl is happy because. The big boy is mean because. The girl is proud because. The boy is sad because. The boy is angry because. LOGICO-FörderboxPICCOLO 3319 – Sprachbildung Alles übermich How children are sometimes. How do the sentences go on? 19 I don't want to argue. Come on, let's play together again. Please excuse me for being late. Can you please help me with the riddle? Please come Wednesday at 3 p.m. for my birthday. Do we want to meet in the swimming pool on Saturday? I can apologize I can invite a friend. I can get along with my girlfriend. I can make an appointment. I can ask my friend for help. LOGICO-FörderboxPICCOLO 3319 – Sprachbildung Alles übermich What I can already do. Find the right phrase. 23 I'm tired I'm angry I'm sad I'm happy I'm scared If a boy fouls me while playing soccer, then. If my grandma visits me, then. If I've been watching TV for too long, then. If I'm alone in the evening, then. If my dog ​​is bad, then. LOGICO-FörderboxPICCOLO 3319 – Sprachbildung Alles überme If - then… How do the sentences go on? 18 make. be. attract. to meet. to go for a walk. I can with ... my dog ​​my grandmother my family I can ... a class trip homework the beds I can ... happy tired cheeky I can ... the goal my friends my girlfriend I can ... shoes a dress a sweater LOGICO sponsorship boxPICCOLO 3319 – language education all about me just one Verb fits. Which verb fits? 22 LOGICO-Förderbox PICCOLO Sprachbildung I I · Everything about me · 331 9 -1 297 - 1

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