How many lights can Echo control

Control the light in several rooms at the same time with Amazon Alexa

Controlling the light in individual rooms is not a big challenge with Philips Hue and Alexa. But what about several rooms at the same time?

You come home and call Alexa from the hallway that she should turn on the light in the living room. No problem for the smart assistant. But what does it actually look like if you want to switch several lamps on or off at the same time? For example all the lights on the ground floor, which for example consists of the kitchen, living room and dining room? This is also not a problem for Alexa.

While the Alexa rooms are automatically taken over from the Hue app, the grouping of several lamps in different rooms has to be done manually. To do this, simply open the Alexa app on your device and switch to the Smart Home area in the menu.

Amazon Echo Dot is currently still on sale

There you will not only find your devices, but also a "Groups" tab. There you simply create a new Smart Home group with a name of your choice and select all the lamps that you want to be part of the group.

And then you can switch all of your lamps on the ground floor - or of course in a different group - together, even if they are actually sorted in completely different rooms in the Hue app. At least an Echo Dot is necessary for this, of course, which you can currently still get for 34.99 euros.

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