Why is Russia not rich in oil

Russia: The Incredible Wealth of Public Servants

We know by now that Russian CEOs can be fabulously rich. But you don't have to be an oligarch to make incredible fortune in Russia. Igor Shuvalov, for example, is not one, not a “businessman” as the Russians say. Shuvalov is a politician, someone with a not entirely impeccable image, but a friendly press in Vladimir Putin's empire. After all, he is one of the so-called liberals - and, as Russia's deputy prime minister, belongs to the president's circle of power. And that's enough to be able to amass incredible wealth.

In Zarechye, a village near Moscow, they only call Shuvalov “the investor”. That fits, after all, the former Putin advisor is currently building a gigantic palace there for important major economic projects. The people there do not pronounce his name - as in Arachian times, when one did not want to call the ominous by name. But where does all the money for the politician's swank come from, one wonders.

One version reads: Through an offshore company run by his wife, Shuvalov is said to have earned tens of millions of dollars from the acquisitions of a Russian magnate. Another is that Shuvalov is said to have used insider knowledge in financial transactions by offshore companies - which would be a violation of the law. Igor Shuvalov has always denied that. He did not comment on alleged deals in Gazprom securities, which are said to have brought him one hundred million dollars. Last year, the family income was officially 190 million rubles (2.7 million euros). It is not known whether that is all and how much the Shuvalovs earn in total.

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What is known and visible to all, however, is that this politician lives at least as well and flaunts his wealth as the average oligarch. For example, the 49-year-old apparently likes to fly around in a private jet without having declared it. He and his wife Olga also like to use the plane to transport their own pedigree dogs to international dog shows. The foundation for the fight against corruption of the intrepid opposition leader Alexej Navalny brought this to light in painstaking detailed work.