Kiss your homies goodnight gay

Gay - what then?

Pat Lindenberger from Trap Skateboards sees the effects as not to be underestimated: “In the USA you would definitely sell fewer boards because America is not just made up of NYC and Cali. The hillbillys have no understanding for that. ”For Germany, however, he gives a more positive prognosis:“ In Germany it doesn't itch who is gay and who is not, since skating usually takes place in big cities. ”And Cpt too. Cracker sees other problems as more significant: "Even if our entire team were gay, I would still have to struggle more with the fact that some people accuse us of making longboards as a 'core board company'. I can only say: Something is always. ”Jan Kliewer goes one step further and even recognizes a certain potential when he says,“ Jason Collins' NBA jerseys (openly gay player, editor's note) are going away like hotcakes ”. And Tim von Werne also thinks that the negative reactions an outing could lead to are overestimated and thinks skateboarding is ready for a gay pro. "I expect there would be a lot of comments right after a pro came out, but that would flatten out and people would judge them by how well they skateboard." Whatever the impact of outing on board sales , this question is secondary at the end of the day. First and foremost, the focus should be on creating a climate in which everyone feels comfortable, no matter what they prefer to do with their penis after skating. The scene can learn from people without a penis. When it comes to dealing with homosexuality, female skaters are clearly one step ahead of their male colleagues. Lacey Baker and Vanessa Torres, for example, spoke openly about being lesbian on the web show "Weekend Buzz" and it wasn't a problem. Anna Groß gives tips on how to create such a relaxed atmosphere among testosterone-streaked top dogs, who uses “Suck my Trucks” to promote women in skateboarding and generally promotes more tolerance. She advises "being less intimidated by people who are perceived as 'different' and who have their asses in their pants at the same time, to deal with it openly. It helps to have your own opinion and to represent it. And not just parroting what the rest of the crew prays out to you. But at the same time the boys should finally stop assuming that all skaters are lesbian. Because just as not all female soccer players are lesbian, female skaters are just as straight, queer, lesbian, bi or whatever. like Dr. Eggeling knows: “Not all skate kids from Kreuzberg who skate together are children of Hartz 4 recipients. A professor's son can also be there. But they can take it well. Then why can't they stand that someone might have a different sexual orientation? "

That is the question that arises and should not really arise. It would be nice if homosexuality in skateboarding became an absolute normal, so that the topic could not be dragged on to the griptape, but left under the covers, where it actually belongs. Or as Polar maker Pontus Alv, who a few years ago was part of a controversial Carhartt ad with Vincent Gootzen, in which they sat naked and erect on a couch together, put it in a nutshell: “What interests people in their bedrooms is not me. ”Let's hope the skate scene in general gets to that point soon.