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Maltese Aid Service:
Software for personnel planning for medical services and training appointments.

Database for managing documents, contacts and deadlines for accredited courses

Security service from Hanover:
Personnel disposition and employment contract management for employees. The software was awarded the "best of 2018" award by the "initiative Mittelstand" in 2018. It is one of the best in the "Office Management" category.

Process management "circle" with e-mail ticket system, time recording, order and warehouse management, invoicing. In the "CRM" category, one of the best of the IT Innovation Award ("medium-sized initiative") 2017 and 2018.

Our administration software "dispenso" was used during the refugee crisis in more than 40 refugee shelters in Lower Saxony and Baden-Württemberg, Johanniter, DRK, Malteser and ASB.

Our products are hosted on customer servers, customer data centers and well-known German web hosts. The following techniques are used:

  • HTML5 with CSS
  • Ajax and jQuery
  • object-oriented PHP and MySQL as well as MariaDB
  • SSL certificates
  • Mail hosting
  • Mobile-first strategy (responsive web design)

In the graphic area, we work with Hanoverian advertising agencies and freelancers. You don't have to compromise on design.

You don't want to have individual software developed, but a website for your company or a homepage for your club? Then take a look here and contact us.

Programming of web browser-based databases and login systems

The work pressure in companies is increasing steadily. Your customers expect initial feedback more and more quickly and you have to stay competitive. You can do this by switching from an administration with paper, conventional Excel tables and Word templates to software that supports your processes and enables fast processing. This reduces the search time for constantly required information and documents to a minimum, you no longer lose time changing programs and you can see what is important for today in a summarized dashboard overview.

We develop and program CRM and ERP software and workflow systems with PHP and MySQL. That helps with the digitization of your processes

That is why we use our experience in quality management and process documentation to analyze your processes and map them in software that is perfectly tailored to your needs. In this way, together with us, you will achieve the goal that you do not have to get used to it and that the work in your company is still easier and faster.

Software developed by our web programmers is always available

The software is operated with the web browser on the PC and can be hosted in a data center so that it can be accessed anywhere in the world - or on a system such as a compact CleverBase server from Nexave if it is internal software. No software installation, no time-consuming update processes on the user side, no compatibility problems with operating systems, can also be used mobile from iOS-based iPhone and iPad as well as Android-based ones

Contracts with data centers near Laatzen and Hanover

As described, the software can run in the cloud - you determine the location. Nexave works with several data centers, including some in Hanover. This allows you to convince yourself in an uncomplicated manner with us of where your software is hosted within the scope of your inspection obligations of a valid ADV (or GDPR).

Examples of software programming from Hanover

Software development is particularly worthwhile for

  • Coordination processes when scheduling with customers in order to present customers with some suggested dates from which they can choose.
  • Personnel planning in the form of duty rosters, which should take employee and customer requests into account. Here, for example, drivers could be automatically suggested for tours, staff could proactively fill the appointments you have set and much more.
  • Data that should be related to each other, but previously managed separately, such as a connection between customer master data and customer inquiries.
  • Processes in which data is collected and later processed, such as time records with subsequent evaluations as well as billing systems, ordering systems and ERP.

Customer testimonials

“For more than 10 years, personnel planning for medical services has been carried out digitally with software from Nexave. That relieves our administration as well as the staff considerably! "

Raphael Ebenhoch, managing director in the Diocese of Hildesheim

The experienced partner for your project: advice and implementation

The software to be created is as individual as you and your company. That's why you don't just need a programmer, but a team that recognizes processes and can digitize them. The owner of Nexave, Torsten Bergemann, studied business informatics and business process modeling in Hanover. He speaks your language exactly and, thanks to fifteen years of experience in programming, understands what is important in the digitization of business processes. Even if the harmony with your quality management is important to you: We have Mr. Albrecht on board, who is a certified QM auditor and can advise you optimally on the subject of process digitization. Mr. Bergemann teaches software engineering, i.e. project management for software developers, at the bib college in Hanover. So don't worry: He knows what is important, which form of implementation makes sense and gives you extensive advice on what is possible and sensible for your planned software project. Even if nothing exists yet: We start "from scratch": We create specifications, functional specifications, tender texts, offers and, of course, also take over the implementation if we were able to convince you with the preliminary work.

If you have had a project idea for a long time, but still have no idea how to implement it, now is the time: Contact us!