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How to Learn to Love Yourself: 6 Tips

Are you also the kind of person who constantly fiddles with yourself and always finds something in yourself that still needs to be optimized? Whether it is the supposedly too massive thighs that are supposed to lose their circumference, the nose that, according to your own perception, simply does not fit your face or the fact that you are not as successful at your job as you would like to be - you are constantly are you dissatisfied with yourself or do you compare yourself to others? You probably know yourself that this is not healthy. So here are our tips to help you learn to love yourself!

Self-love is the key to real happiness and the cornerstone of a full life. Because no matter how nice the feeling is when your favorite jeans can finally be closed again after a successful diet, a feeling of self-satisfaction can only last if you learn to value yourself through and through - with everyone Quirks, corners, edges and excess love handles. What is the best way to do this? We tell you:

6 tips to help you learn to love yourself

1. Curb your self-hatred!

Once again you can't stand the look in the mirror or do you feel like a failure? Then you should now as strictly as possible forbid yourself to look at every detail of your alleged imperfection. Immediately find something else to do that will distract you from your tirade of hate against yourself. It often also helps to realize that what you feel is so bad at this moment is actually only a tiny part of life in relation to it. So it's not worth getting so excited about. The credo is: tomorrow the world will look different again!

2. Self-praise doesn't stink at all!

In the second step, you should now practice concentrating on your preferences and recalling what you actually like about yourself. The color of your eyes, the fact that you are a good listener, your talent for dispute resolution or your delicious Indian samosas, which are a hit at every party - no matter how small the salary, call it back to you and congratulate yourself on it. Even if you feel weird at first or if you think modesty is a virtue: Stay tuned and at some point you will notice that knowing your assets will make you a stronger person.

3. Write down each compliment

It often happens to you that you walk through the city and have the feeling that other people are staring at you, as if you have a fat booger glued to your face? You often feel that your colleagues are dragging you behind your back and you are also sure with your friends that they often gossip about you? Even if this is the case in rare cases, believe us: Your impression is based entirely on a false self-perception. Basically, you just can't believe that people can find you really great too. The antidote: From now on, write down meticulously every compliment (no matter how small) that friends, colleagues or even strangers make to you - and review this collection at least once a week. This will put your uncertainty into perspective and make your perception more realistic and balanced.

4. Learn to say "no"

When your schedule is packed with to-dos, commitments, and leisure activities, it's time to prioritize and stamp out anything that can be canceled or postponed. And even before that happens, you can demonstrate your self-love through an important exercise: If you notice that you are stumbling yourself because you let others (or yourself) burden you with too much: With a clear conscience, just say “No ! “- and stick to it!

5. Banish negative people from your life

Of course, when your best friend calls at three at night and weeps your eyes out of your head because of lovesickness, you naturally want to be there for her - even if the lack of sleep is noticeable at work the next day. But friendship services like this have to be mutual and should by no means be taken for granted. In general, if a friendship or partnership burdens you more than it builds or pleases you over a long period of time, you should keep this person at a distance or even banish them from your life altogether.

6. Treat yourself!

To teach yourself how much you are worth, treat yourself like a star more often: Prepare yourself a great, healthy meal, treat yourself to a day of wellness and take time for a sports unit, after which you will become fitter and intoxicated Feel endorphins or light a scented candle and lie down on the couch with your favorite book. That relaxes you, gives you new power for everyday life and shows you that it can be nice to spend time alone with yourself.

Are you perhaps not dissatisfied with yourself, but rather with your current life situation? Find out with this test:

How satisfied are you with your life right now?

It is not worthwhile to constantly doubt yourself. Instead, show yourself more often what a great person you are. Of course, this does not mean that you should stop working on yourself and not pursue any career or other goals in life. On the contrary, if you feel that you have what it takes to achieve great things, then this self-confidence will be reflected in your work and love life and in your relationships with family and friends and will help you achieve your goals be.

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