How do I hire a SEM agency

SEM agency for SEO and Google Ads from a single source

FAQ on working with us as an SEM agency

Why should you work with an SEM agency?

The usefulness of hiring an SEM agency can be checked by answering the following questions:

  • Do I have enough know-how to implement SEA and SEO professionally on my own?
  • Do I have enough time or personnel capacities to work regularly on the campaigns and to find out about innovations?

If these two questions are answered with no, you should think about the support of a professional SEM agency. Another question to ask yourself before hiring an SEM agency is what to expect from it. The following reasons could be considered:

  • Time saving
  • Performance improvement
  • Lesser
  • Risk from penalties
  • Know-how development
  • Click budget enhancement
  • Sales / profit maximization

What does support from an SEM agency cost?

The effort required for supervision depends crucially on the scope and number of topics to be advertised or optimized. We can work together on a project basis in the form of initial set-ups, analyzes and research or in the form of ongoing support. In the SEO area, we are available from an initial minimum budget of 1500 to 2000 euros or 1200 euros per month. Our minimum budget for search engine advertising is initially 1500 euros or 600 euros per month.

How does a collaboration with Aufgesang work as an SEM agency?

In the first step, we will find an initial consultation appointment together. In this appointment you will introduce us to your business and we will give you initial tips and advice on possible measures. If we come together after a KVA, the consultants will be presented and we will start developing the campaigns together with you or we will inform you about the medium-term plan for the first 6 months of the cooperation.