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Memories of the British singer who was successful as Shane Fenton in the 60s ...

Alvin Stardust - I Feel Like Buddy Holly

September 27, 1942, Alvin Stardust was born as Bernard William Jewry in London.
23rd October 2014, at the age of 72, the singer dies in Billingshurst, West Sussex, England.

It was in the early 1960s when Johnny Theakston, who called himself Shane Fenton, and his band The Fentones got together all their money to record a song in a studio. They wanted to send that to the BBC because they thought they were at least as talented as Cliff Richard & The Shadows and the other bands that were guests on the BBC.

The BBC had adjusted to the young audience, because rock'n'roll and all the offshoots that emerged from it excited the young. Young musicians were allowed to perform their songs in special programs. The main aim was to create a balanced program for all generations without the quota pressure. So a little rock'n'roll after school shouldn't hurt.

After Shane Fenton & The Fentones recorded their song, they hoped to be guests on British TV soon. Then her singer fell ill with rheumatic fever and died. The band was part of history. But suddenly the BBC got in touch and wanted to show Shane Fenton & his band on TV. All members agreed that there is only one singer in Mansfield (Nottinghamshire, England) who would be able to replace Johnny: Bernard Jewry, the son of the owner of a pension, who not only had acting talent but also had one had an excellent voice.

An appearance on TV was of course an argument that Bernard Jewry couldn't resist and so he became Shane Fenton. Not only the TV appearance was inspiring, also everything else the teenage band got up and running. The band became known across the UK and landed a number of hits in the charts, of which “Cindy’s Birthday” was the most successful.

After the considerable success, Shane Fenton wanted to establish himself in the music business. In the days of beat music, when bands shot up like mushrooms in England, there was no more room for a rock'n'roll singer. Together with his future wife Iris Caldwell, the sister of Rory Storm, he formed a less successful duet. He also worked in management for Lulu and The Hollies. During this time he was an integral part of the British music scene.

One of his friends was Peter Shelly, who worked for various publishing houses and who was also able to land some hits as a singer. Both agreed that there would be innovations in music in the 1970s. First they made Shane Fenton Jo Jo Ellis and released two singles, which flopped.

When the first glam rockers established themselves with T. Rex, David Bowie and Slade, they created a whole new person for the man from Mansfield: Alvin Stardust. A rock'n'roller in a leather outfit with platform boots. Direct hit! With "My Coo Ca Choo", "Jealous Mind" and other hits, he became a popular part of the glam rock scene.

It wasn't until the end of the 1970s that the company's success subsided. Alvin Stardust didn't want to transform into a new person one more time, just changed the music. After all, his music, the rock’n’Roll by Shakin’ Stevens in the early 80s, was in demand again. So he conjured up one of his mother's favorite songs, Nat King Cole's "Pretend", a smart rock'n'roll song. He was already at the top of the charts again. The follow-up hit “A Wonderful Time Up There”, an old hit by Pat Boone and Eddie Cochran's “Weekend” also fit into the time when he now wore black suits instead of leather.

When the popular singer-songwriter Mike Batt then offered him the song "I Feel Like Buddy Holly", he was absolutely certain that he would have the next hit on the hook. He was supposed to be right. The story of the song was that of a deserted man who puts himself in the shoes of other artists:

I feel like Buddy Holly cause it's "Raining In My Heart",

Now I know how Paul McCartney felt when he got up to say: I wish it was "Yesterday",

Now I know what Paul Simon meant by the words he found: I wish I was "Homeward Bound".

Until the end of his life, it was the song with which he cast a spell over all spectators and made them beg for encores. The likeable singer died of cancer today at the age of three. He loved his life and lived above all as Alvin Stardust - sometimes in leather and platform straps, sometimes with a suit. Music was his life!