What is special about Morocco

The 11 most famous sights in Morocco

We take you to the most beautiful and most important sights in Morocco. Get a great overview of the most beautiful places, interesting museums, most important cultural monuments and must-see medinas in Morocco.

Morocco is a country with an exciting history and a rich variety of landscapes. In the north you can expect a Mediterranean vegetation, in the south the desert areas of the Sahara. Due to the French-Spanish occupation, the Arabic language of Morocco experienced many French influences, whereas the language of the country's Berbers remained largely unchanged. Join us on a journey to the most beautiful and famous sights in Morocco.

1. Hassan II Mosque in Casablanca

Opening times: 9 a.m. - 4 p.m. (can only be viewed with a guided tour from the inside)
Entrance fee: € 12

The imposing building of the Hassan II Mosque in Casablanca is located directly on the sea, which makes the mosque particularly impressive. It is one of the largest Islamic churches in the world and, at 210 meters, has the highest minaret of all. If visibility is good, it can already be made out from 50 kilometers away. It was only completed in 1993 as a present for the 60th birthday of the then Moroccan King Hassan II. It can only be visited as part of a guided tour, which takes place regularly during opening hours. The nearest train station is around 20 minutes away on foot.

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2. Birds Valley in Agadir

Opening times: 11:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.
Entrance fee: free

The small zoo is a hidden attraction in Agadir. It is more like a public park with a few animal enclosures as an additional attraction. It is the ideal place to relax in the hustle and bustle of the city. You can especially relax at the waterfall in Birds Valley. There is a small playground for children in the middle of the park. The animals in the park include various species of birds, fallow deer, and even llamas. The best thing to do is to take a taxi to get to Birds Valley.

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3. La Grande Roue ferris wheel in Agadir

Opening times: 6:00 p.m. - 1:30 a.m.
Entrance fee: adults € 4, children € 2

If you like to ride the Ferris wheel, then don't miss La Grande Roue. It is said to be the largest of its kind in Africa, making it an attraction in itself. It is open every day at exactly the right time: just before sunset. The gondolas are well secured so that even with small children you can safely let yourself be carried into the air to admire Agadir from above. For the price of your admission, you get around 4 to 5 laps in the Ferris wheel, so that you have enough time to look in all directions. It is right on the waterfront and you can find nice restaurants in the area around La Grande Roue. The train station at the port is about a 20-minute walk away.

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4. Agadir Crocodile Park

Opening times: 10:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m.
Entrance fees: adults € 7, children up to 12 years € 4.50

The Crocodile Park in Agadir only opened its doors in 2015. The idea behind this is to increase knowledge about the reptiles, some species of which have lived on earth for 200 million years. It is very worthwhile to take a tour of the system and to receive even more detailed information. A special highlight of the facility is the breeding station, in which you can observe the lizards up close, from the egg to the hatched crocodile. When you visit, not only look at the animals, but also at the plants. These are also a real eye-catcher in the well-designed park. The park can be reached via the motorway to Marrakech. From Agadir it is worth booking a taxi for a few people.

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5. Museum of Berber Art in Agadir

Opening times: Mon / Wed / Thu from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m., Fri 3 p.m. to 9 p.m.
Entrance fees: € 1.50

The Berbers are a special ethnic group that can also be found in Tunisia, Libya, Algeria, Mauritania, Egypt and Morocco. One of the exciting things about the Berber people is the language, which is only passed on within the family and not taught in school. Until a few years ago, the Berber language was a purely spoken language with no characters. The Berber script was only recently introduced in Morocco, and can be seen in many places alongside Arabic and Latin script. To get a better understanding of the Berber history, the Museum of Berber Art in Agadir is an absolute must. The small museum can be found right next to the city theater.

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6. The medina of Marrakech

Opening times: non-stop, shops during the respective business hours
Entrance fee: free

Medina is the word for old town in Morocco. In many Moroccan cities, life is raging in the medina - especially in Marrakech. Dealers, vendors, tuk tuks and countless people cavort in the narrow streets. You can shop to your heart's content in the medina of Marrakech. You will discover cloths, pottery, leather bags, shoes, groceries and all kinds of souvenirs among the offers. When buying, you should always act, as the price is generally set too high. Don't be afraid to get lost in the labyrinth of the old town: if necessary, you can take a tuk tuk for a few dirhams and let them bring you to your hotel. But plan in time and be prepared for it to be loud and bustling. The medina is located in downtown Marrakech and is best reached from outside by taxi.

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7. Djemaa el Fna - the great market in Marrakech

Opening times: all the time
Entrance fees: free

Another important sight in Morocco borders the medina of Marrakech to the west: the Djemaa el Fna - a marketplace full of hustle and bustle. Fruit and cloth dealers offer their goods there, as do snake charmers, monkey tamers and fortune tellers. Attention! If you just stop to look at one of the monkeys on your shoulder, you will be asked to leave some money. If you want to have a little peace and quiet from the hustle and bustle on Djemaa el Fna, it's best to drink a freshly squeezed orange juice at the stand and watch it all from a distance. The best way to get to Djemaa el Fna is by taxi or tuk tuk.

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8. Koutoubia Mosque in

Opening times: Mon - Sun 9 a.m. - 6 p.m.
Entrance fees: free

One of the oldest mosques in Morocco and the largest in Marrakech is the Koutoubia Mosque. It is about a 10-minute walk from the medina and, in contrast to the lively city center, the park around the house of God is a relaxing place to be. The minaret of the Koutoubia Mosque is a symbol of Morocco. Every evening it is brightly lit and can be seen from a distance of 30 kilometers. The mosque can be easily reached on foot from the medina or you can take a taxi.

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9. Dar al-Makhzen Royal Palace in Rabat

Opening times: all the time
Entrance fees: free
Important: take your passport with you

In the capital Rabat is the royal palace Dar al-Makhzen, which serves as the official residence of the King of Morocco. You cannot visit the palace from the inside, but visitors are allowed to walk along the extensive gardens of the palace complex. The imposing and guarded entrance gate with the many, small mosaic stones, however, gives an idea of ​​the splendor of the interior. The palace is located in the center of Rabat and is best reached by taxi. Important: take your passport with you, because due to strict security measures it is often checked at the entrance.

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10. Ait Ben Haddou - city made of clay

Opening times: 9 a.m. - 4 p.m.
Entrance fees: free

One of the most famous sights in Morocco is Ait Ben Haddou, the city made of clay on the edge of the Atlas Mountains. The city already looks impressive in photos and in films like Games of Throne, but once you stand in front of the walls of the Ksar, the fortified city, you feel as if you are in another world. The city is an old Berber town of the Ben Haddou clan. Today many of the descendants of the Ben Haddou live across the river in a modern village. About 8 families still live in Ait Ben Haddou itself. From Marrakech, the place is about 100 kilometers away. The easiest way to get to Ait Ben Haddou is by taxi or rental car, there is also a bus from Marrakech. The stop is about 7 kilometers from the village. From Ouarzazate to Ait Ben Haddou it is only about 30 kilometers that can be covered by taxi for little money.

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11. Chefchaouen - The Blue City

Opening times: all the time
Entrance fees: free

Up in the north of Morocco is the small town of Chefchaouen, also known as the Blue City. Although Chefchaouen is not always blue, the color plays an important role at least in the medina, the old town. The place was mainly visited by hippies and Western dropouts in the 60s, as it was considered one of the centers of the illegal but in many places tolerated hashish cultivation. Today the small town is one of the most famous sights in Morocco and, despite the many people from all over the world, exudes its charm. In the small cafes and restaurants in the city center you can enjoy delicious meals and in the colorful alleys of the old town you will find many souvenir shops with nice offers. The only thing that could be a bit tiring is that Chefchaouen is on a mountain and you have to walk up and down a lot on your sightseeing tour.

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All the best and most beautiful sights in Morocco at a glance:

Sights of MoroccoPlace, region
1. Hassan II Mosque Casablanca
2. Birds ValleyAgadir
3. La Grande Roue ferris wheelAgadir
4. Agadir Crocodile ParkAgadir
5. Museum of Berber ArtAgadir
6. The medina of MarrakechMarrakech
7. Djemaa el Fna, large marketMarrakech
8. Koutoubia Mosque Marrakech
9. Dar al-Makhzen Royal Palace Rabat
10. Ait Ben Haddou, the clay cityAtlas Mountains
11. Chefchaouen, the blue cityChefchaouen

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Note: All information on admission and opening times was current at the time the article was created, in May 2019, and can change at any time. The numbering of the places is a simple list and does not represent any ranking.