What decides about the price of a saree

Indian saree

The sari is probably one of the most beautiful pieces of clothing in Indian culture. Not only breathtaking colors but also the unique wrapping techniques make the sari what it is. Today saris are not only worn in India but all over the world. In ancient India these were often used when working to protect against the blazing sun, but the beauty of the sarees makes them very special and definitely not just a work outfit. The traditional items of clothing can be worn on different occasions, but depending on the occasion, they are more noble and equipped with different decorations. These are worn bsw. for weddings, birthdays, engagements and other festive occasions. The sari also finds its place in the streets of India in everyday life. More information about the traditional saree is available on Wikipedia.

What should you look out for when buying a saree?

There is a large selection of different items of clothing, in different colors, decorations and patterns. The traditional saree is not cut revealingly and covers the entire body with the beautiful and fine fabric. Since the selection is enormous, you should already be sure which color you like, otherwise the decision will be quite difficult very quickly. The fabric also plays an important role, it differs from saree to saree. Most saris are made of cotton or silk; those made entirely of silk are particularly popular, but they also cost a lot of money. Traditional sarees are handcrafted, so each saree is unique and something special. One should not resort to mass productions, as these are usually not that high quality. If you decide on a saree, it should already be a handmade piece of clothing.

Are saris also suitable for plump women?

Of course, the wraparound robes are also suitable for larger women, they can emphasize the feminine curves of the woman even better and more beautifully. The ideal of beauty of the Germans and Indians is different, in India the ideal of beauty has wide hips and a large bust. This is precisely why saris are also ideal for women with more feminine curves. The traditional wraparound robe is also suitable due to its particularly comfortable wearing comfort, the wide waistband and the loose cut. If you are unsure or have further questions, refer to a guide to Indian clothing for the right selection.

Wear Indian clothing in Germany too

At first glance it is unusual to wear Indian clothes in Germany, but that's bullshit. The beautiful pieces of clothing are becoming more and more popular and are also being worn more and more often in Germany. Especially the colorful Indian summer dresses decorated with flowers have become a must have in every woman's wardrobe. The bloomers, also called Aladdin pants, can be seen in men and women all over the world. This alone shows that western designers are often inspired by Indian culture and combine it with a modern look. With such clothes, your own fashion style can be expanded and refreshed. In addition to the sari, there are many other beautiful items of clothing such as the salwar kameez, choli, lehenga choli, dupatta, dhoti, lunghi, sherwani and countless belly dance Boolywood dresses.

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