What are your prayers tonight

Evening prayers

Evening prayer from the Evangelical Hymn book Hessen-Nassau

Lord, we thank you in this evening hour that you have given us to complete this day under your protection, that you have given us strength for our work and that you bear us with your mercy. We ask you, Lord: walk into a blessing that which worries us and weighs us down. Like the fruits of the field flourish under sun, wind and clouds, let us also ripen for your harvest. We ask you, Heavenly Father, for the bright glow of your face over the people we love and the people who give us to bear. We are yours in the light and in the darkness of time. You bless our coming and going forever.

Martin Luther's evening blessing

I thank you, my heavenly Father, through Jesus Christ, your dear Son, that you have graciously guarded me this day, and ask you that you will forgive me of all my sins where I have done wrong, and graciously guard me this night. Because I command myself, my body and soul and everything in your hands. Your holy angel be with me, that the evil enemy may find no power in me. Amen.

Dietrich Bonhoeffer's evening prayer from prison

Lord my God
thank you for bringing this day to a close
I thank you for letting body and soul come to rest.
Your hand was over me and has protected and kept me.
Forgive all petty beliefs and all injustices of the day
and help that I forgive all who have wronged me.
Let me sleep in peace under your protection
and keep me from the temptations of darkness.
I command you mine, I command you this house,
I command you my body and my soul.
God, your holy name be praised.

Evening prayer of Augustine

Lord, you made us, and our hearts are restless until they find rest in you.
Yours is the light of day. Yours is the darkness of the night.
Life is yours and death. I am yours myself and I adore you. Let me rest in peace, bless the day ahead and let me awaken to boast you. Amen.

Put the day in God's hands

God you gave me this day I put it back in your hand. I let go of what worries me, all things, all people, including myself. I know that I am secure and supported. Like a child in the mother's heart let me sleep in the lap of the night with you.

After a noisy day

God, I can only make my voice heard on the stage of my life with great difficulty.
I'll bring you just one record, recorded with the music from my work, with the screaming of children and the noise of a vacuum cleaner, with a whistling kettle and washing machine, with a hairdryer and grass mower, with sobs and a typewriter.
Can you hear my voice out in this tangle, even when it is tired, falls asleep while praying, Lord?

Trust in God's faithfulness

We command our spirit into your hands.
You have redeemed us, Lord, you faithful God.
Keep us this night by your grace
shield us under the shadow of your wings.
Praised be he who was and who is and who is to come.
Praise and praise be to him forever.

Georg Christian Dieffenbach's evening prayer

Stay with us, Lord, because evening is about to come and the day has come to an end.
Stay with us and with all of your Church.
Stay with us in the evening of the day
in the evening of life, in the evening of the world.
Abide with us with your grace and goodness,
with your word and sacrament, with your consolation and blessings.
Stay with us when the night of tribulation and fear comes over us,
the night of doubt and temptation, the night of bitter death.
Abide with us and with all your believers in time and eternity.

Ask for the silence of the night

Grant that we lie down, God, to peace and let us rise again to life. Spread over us the tent of your peace and raise us up with a word from you. Help us for your name's sake, protect us and turn us away from hatred, disease and violence.
Let every obstacle disappear in front of us and behind us. Shelter us in the shadow of your wings, for you are a gracious and merciful God.
Guard our comings and goings to peace and life from now to forever.
Amen. (Jewish evening prayer)

Intercession in the evening

God, I pray for all the people who ended the day in an argument.
Show us all the ways to peace on this earth. I pray for everyone who works now, for everyone who drives on the streets, for everyone who watches in the hospitals.
I pray for all who cannot sleep, for the sick and the melancholy, the abandoned and the prisoners.
You watch, Lord, with those who watch.
You are the sleep of the sleeping and the life of the dying.

May the Lord send Angels

Touch me, Lord, I need to feel your love.
Touch me with your blessings from above.
When my mind gets tired and weary,
And I seem to lose my sight.
Help my heart believe
That you're still by my side.

Touch me, Lord, I need your helping hand.
Touch me, Lord, I need to understand
Why my feet get tired and weary,
And I seem to lose my way.
Send your angels down,
Don't let me go astray.

May the Lord send angels,
To guide you on your way.
May His love surround you, day by day.
May the Lord send angels, to save you from the night,
Wrap his arms around you and hold you tight.

Ruthild Wilson

Evening prayer

Support us, O Lord, all the long day of this troubled life until the shadows lengthen, and the evening comes, when the busy fever of life is hushed, and our work is done. Then in thy mercy grant us a safe lodging, a holy rest, and peace at the last, through Jesus Christ our Lord.

Evening prayer (German)

Support us, O Lord, throughout the long day of this troubled life - until the shadows lengthen and the evening comes when the busy, feverish life comes to rest and our work is completed. In your mercy grant us then safe living, holy rest and finally peace: through Jesus Christ our Lord.

John Henry Neuman

Evening prayer (English) for children

Now I lay me down to sleep,
I pray Thee, Lord, my soul to keep;
If I should I die before I wake,
I pray Thee, Lord, my soul to take.