Is it right to come up with your idea

Operational organization: setting up your company correctly

Milestones up to the start

After you have described the essential points of the operational organization in the business plan, you finally create a schedule with the milestones up to the start of business activity.

The milestones include the essential things that have to be done on your part and often also relate in particular to operational organization factors. The schedule enables you and the readers of the business plan to assess critical points of the start-up project in the next few months. The question to be answered is whether the operational organization is up to the intended start.

When it comes to company organization, the question of the legal form certainly also counts. However, since this aspect of the organization of companies is very extensive, we have created a separate chapter for you.

Choose legal form

After the business organization to the financial plan

Now that you have created most of the chapters of your business plan and also given information about the operational organization of your company, you will devote yourself to finances in the next chapter. In the financial plan, you have to convert your statements about strategy, marketing and also the business organization into numbers.

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