Is CBD completely not psychoactive

Very different effects CBD (cannabidiol) explained

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Everyone reacts differently.

What often fades into the background: most of the substances contained in hemp are completely unproblematic with regard to the risk of addiction. This also applies to CBD. In contrast to THC, CBD is not "intoxicating" and is a completely legal substance. Via providers such as, it is possible to benefit from the effects of cannabadiol in the form of CBD oil and other CBD products. There are not very many studies that extensively examine the effects of CBD, but there are many positive experience reports from practice.

Effect as a messenger substance via the nervous system

Cannabis substances such as cannabadiol basically work because the nervous system of the human body has its own signal system that responds to cannabinoids with appropriate receptors. These are produced by the body itself (one also speaks of endocannabinoids). When you "dock" with the receptors, they activate signals that radiate to the nervous system. This "susceptibility" to cannabinoids is the reason for the effect of hemp substances. Since they have a similar structure to the body's own cannabinoids, they are absorbed by the corresponding receptors in the brain.

The nervous system is a "central authority" in the body that controls and influences many other systems - for example the immune system, the hormonal system, the cardiovascular system, the metabolic system or the digestive system. CBD is a special form of transmitter - messenger substances that, once picked up by receptors, transmit signals to nerve cells. The "specialty" of CBD is that it has both an activating and inhibiting effect and not only conveys signals in one direction, but also provides feedback.

The nervous system is a "central authority" in the body that controls and influences many other systems. "

Versatile effects

This complex interaction explains the diverse positive effects of cannabadiol. On the one hand, CBD is anti-anxiety, antipsychotic, sleep-promoting, anti-epileptic, neuroprotective and anticonvulsant, on the other hand it has an inhibiting effect on tumor cells, psoriasis, inflammation, allergies and other (auto) immune diseases.