What is NRI 2

NRI v² eagle

The NRI v² eagle with further improved coin validation technology sets new standards in the area of ​​5 "coin validators. The unique multi-frequency measurement technology and additional sensors in the sorting control guarantee first-class acceptance security. Thanks to various optional machine interfaces and a modular design, the v² eagle is suitable for Gaming and entertainment machines as well as for ticket and vending machines.

Decisive advantages

  • Unique MFT coin checking technology ensures reliable coin acceptance
  • Flexible modular design in the coin insertion and exit area, such as optional integrated 4 or 5-way sorting
  • Optical thread detection, sorting control, protocol encryption and monitoring of the coin throughput time make the coin validator completely tamper-proof

v² eagle - master in its class.

Industry leading reliability

  • Unique multi-frequency coin testing technology (MFT) ensures reliable coin acceptance
  • Simultaneous evaluation of 24 measurement parameters for 32 coin channels
  • Optical sorting control monitors the position of the electromagnets at the coin exit
  • Monitoring the coin transit time
  • Anti-blocking sensor enables faster coin insertion
  • Optional optical protection against thread manipulation
  • All common customer-specific protocol encryptions

Flexible design

  • Top or front entry version
  • Optional integrated 4-way sorting or 5-way lengthwise or crosswise sorting
  • Sorting control via coin validator configuration or communication protocol
  • Two individual memory blocks with different coin configurations switchable
  • Block individual coins directly at the machine
  • Optional learning function for up to 8 coins / tokens
  • All common machine interfaces

Practical accessories

  • Front panels for front entry version
  • 4-way sorting adapter
  • Active 8-way sorting adapter for v² eagle with 4-way sorting
  • heartbeat PC application for extensive device and coin configurations and updates
  • Mobile service tool HENRI+ for quick device and coin updates on site

Dimensions (H x W x D in mm)

  • 181.3 x 127 (+ 2 x 4.5 mm for suspension bolts) x 64

Coin processing

  • 32 coins max. In 2 x 16 channels
  • Diameter: 15–31 mm (optionally up to 32 mm with a thickness of max. 2.4 mm)
  • Thickness: 1.5–2.4 mm (optionally up to 3.4 mm)
  • Speed: 2 coins / second

operating temperatur

Supply voltage

Power consumption in acceptance mode

Acceptance magnet: approx. 3 W

Sorting magnet: approx. 2 W (max. 2 at the same time)

UNominal = 12V

  • Without sorting: approx. 400 mA (for approx. 150 ms)
  • With sorting: approx. 1000 mA (for approx. 250 ms)

UNominal = 24V

  • Without sorting: approx. 300 mA (for approx. 150 ms)
  • With sorting: approx. 600 mA (for approx. 250 ms)

Machine interfaces


  • 16-pin BDTA version
  • 17-pin BACTA version


  • ccTalk Standard or ACMI according to the Italian gaming machine regulation, also in combination with USB
  • S1 version according to MDB standard