When will Spotify be launched in Belgium?

Spotify: Music streaming will probably get more expensive soon

The Spotify prices for subscriptions have not changed in Germany since 2012. Now, however, there are increasing indications that in future users will have to pay extra for the ad-free enjoyment of music and podcasts. More on this in the text; We explain in the video which offers are available from the streaming provider and which model best suits your needs.

Since it was launched in 2012, customers have paid 9.99 euros or currently 9.74 euros per month for the ad-free Spotify Premium, due to the lower VAT. The family subscription, which was introduced a little later, with parallel streams for up to six people, still costs 14.99 euros or 14.62 euros. Spotify had always emphasized that user growth had the highest priority, which is why, unlike Netflix, for example, price increases have been avoided.

That could change soon, however: CEO Daniel Ek stated during a meeting on the sales figures for the third quarter of 2020 that the price screw could be turned in some markets in the future, such as TechCrunchreported.

It was possible to welcome around six million new paying users between June and September - but apparently the sales targets could not quite be achieved, according to Ek.

Spotify: Price increases for the premium subscription are becoming more and more likely

More detailed information on the planned price increases or the markets in which these are sought have not yet been given. They just pointed out that these could be rolled out in countries where it was believed that even with higher subscription fees, users would continue to see the "value of the streaming subscription". This has increased in recent months and years due to new content, especially in the field of podcasts, said Ek.

In the past, Spotify had raised the price for the family subscription in various markets (including Scandinavia, Australia, Belgium and Switzerland) by a few percent - however, the normal premium subscription for individuals has always remained unchanged.

However, it could take a while before you have to pay more for the Spotify subscription: As Ek emphasized, during the current corona pandemic there are reservations about charging more for the subscription in the uncertain times with recession and many job losses.

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