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hardware Measure USB power - this is how it works


Whether you want to charge your smartphone on the PC or supply an external hard drive with power: The properties of the USB port determine the success or failure of these endeavors. Not every USB port delivers the same amount of power. The amperage in amperes that a USB port delivers differs from PC to PC and depends on a number of factors. But don't worry: you can easily find out how much power the individual USB ports on your PC or laptop can deliver.

Test USB power with a free tool

To get a rough idea of ​​what each USB port can do, you need to not spend money. The free program USBDeview from Nirsoft provides a lot of interesting information about all used USB ports. This also includes how much electricity a USB port can deliver.

The use of USBDeview is easy. After starting, the program lists all devices connected to your computer via a USB port. Find the Entry of the device whose USB port you want to test and double-click it. External hard drives usually just appear as "USB storage"in the overview.

USBDeview now hides the Properties dialog a. We are particularly interested in the entry "power". He shows the current one Amperage in milliampsthat the USB port is currently delivering to the device. This is particularly interesting in connection with smartphones. The support through the "Charging port"-Standard mostly higher currentsthan the meager 900 mA that a standard USB 3.0 port offers. So see one when you connect a smartphone correspondingly high value, you know that the chosen connection is just that Charging port standard supported.

Test USB performance with a meter

USBDeview gives a good impression of how much electricity a USB port can deliver. Complete precise is the program, however Not. If you want to know exactly how much current a USB port carries into the connected device, you have to a few euros invest in a suitable measuring device.

USB multimeter become easy between device and USB port plugged in and then measure different values. Next to the electricity show most representatives of this genus as well other values ​​such as voltage, power or resistance at. Corresponding USB measuring devices are available in stores from around 10 euros.

Compared to a software solution, they don't just have in terms of things Measurement accuracy one step ahead. They are also suitable for, in addition to the USB ports, the USB charger performance to check. You can also use a USB multimeter to determine whether and how strong the USB cables are Influence on the loading speed to have. In fact, she does Quality of the cable quite a bit when charging smartphones and other devices.