Why do you wear leather jackets

The basics of leather jacket care


1. Retention
2. Wash leather jacket?
3. Leather jacket got wet
4. Impregnate leather jacket
5. Color refreshment & faded leather
6. Grease stains

1. Retention

To Care and optimal storage First of all, it is important to store your leather jacket properly. So that the shape does not suffer, you should always wear your leather jacket hang on a hanger. The leather must be able to breathe and should be kept airy and dry. Do not store the leather in plastic bags! Also make sure that your leather jacket is protected from intense rays of light or sun. You should also remember that you should never wear your leather jacket to work where it comes into contact with dirt. Oily, staining or corrosive liquids are poison for your leather jacket and can cause permanent damage.

Proper storage is half the battle

To optimal care You should know what leather your leather jacket is made of. There are two fundamentally different types of leather that have different properties. A distinction is made between smooth leather that does not absorb water and rough leather that absorbs water.

2. Can I wash my leather jacket?

Opinions differ here. Some experts believe that most leather jackets can be washed in the washing machine. If you want to wash your leather jacket in the washing machine, you should definitely get one pH-neutral and moisturizing leather detergent to use. Of course, it is essential to follow the washing instructions! Professional cleaning is always recommended if the leather jacket has been made from different parts and there is therefore a risk that the colors will bleed and discolor one another. If the leather jacket has applications, it should be turned inside out before washing.

However, other experts are of the opinion that leather jackets should not be washed, otherwise they could lose their shine and shape. We recommend that you always have your jacket in the hands of someone professional leather cleaning to give.

You can also find out more about washing leather jackets here: Can I put my leather jackets in the washing machine?

3. My leather jacket got wet, what now?

  • Rule No. 1: Don't panic.
  • Rule No. 2: Hang the jacket on a hanger and let it dry slowly (!). Use moderate heat!

On no way you should place the jacket on the heater or blow dry it. The leather becomes hard and brittle from the hot, dry air and the beautiful leather jacket is gone. You should wear it during and after drying the jacket Knead and massage carefully. This ensures that the leather remains supple and the jacket retains its natural shape.

4. Impregnate leather jacket?

If you are unsure whether your leather jacket already impregnated you can test this with a little spit or a few drops of water. To do this, find an inconspicuous area on the jacket (e.g. under the sleeves or on the inside) and moisten the area with a little saliva. Impregnation is urgently necessary if an edge forms here or if moisture penetrates quickly into the interior. It is always advisable to spray the jacket with a leather care spray before wearing it for the first time.

Impregnation protects the leather from moisture

A little leather grease or oil can also be applied to a rough leather jacket. This keeps the leather jacket supple and protects it from moisture. Still, you should have a rough leather jacket not necessarily in the rain wear. A smooth leather jacket is more suitable for this.

Smooth leather care with grease from the can

Like yours Properly impregnate leather jacket, you can find out here: https://www.lederjacken24.de/lederjacken-blog/lederjacke-impraegnieren/

5. Help, my leather jacket is faded

Smooth leather jackets can lose a little of their color fastness after a long period of use and due to weather and light bleach. With a special leather tint and taking certain tricks into account, however, you can ensure that your jacket appears again in a new shine. You can find out how to do this in our article on refreshing the color of smooth leather.

If used correctly, leather tints can give a new shine

6. Grease stains on the leather jacket

For many, the worst case scenario. But here, too, we can reassure you: with a special stain spray for leather, you can turn off the stain if you act quickly. You can find out more in our article on removing grease stains from leather clothing.