What does TARDIS stand for

What does 3W actually stand for?

Dr. Cheng plays the three words for the Doctor and Clara as they sit in his office. As he explains, the founder of 3W, Dr. Skarosa, white noise from television signals running through a "translation matrix" to hear the three words:

"Don't burn me"

The premise of 3W is that the dead remain conscious after their apparent death and the institute will invite the rich and famous to entrust their bodies to them after death. It seems like a calm, peaceful life after death - unlike people who would experience cremation or dissection after death.

From Missy's point of view, the 3W Institutes (which are described as being all over the world) really served as seeding points: a place where she could create her first minions before sending them out to the rest of the world to cover.


You know I think I was just very stupid ... I was expecting three words that started with 'W' and they didn't hear them!

George T.

@Liath: Again, it took me a bit to figure out that W are words.


And she no doubt started the rumor that the "dead can feel" so that she may have more bodies to convert!


If you want three "W" words, think of them as "We were wrong".