Why am I constipated as a vegan

Diet and Sex: Are Vegans Better Lovers?

by Peter Carstens
Some vegetarian eaters believe that avoiding meat and dairy products means more fun in bed. A modern myth?

Those who eat purely plant-based foods protect animals and the environment, are bursting with health - and have even more fun in bed. To be too good to be true? Not if the animal welfare organization Peta (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) has its way. In a video she suggested that vegan men are better lovers. Because the plant-based diet allows them to last longer in bed.

Unsurprisingly, the message appeals to vegetarians and vegans alike. Peta's argument sounds entirely plausible. Because cholesterol and saturated fatty acids, which are contained in meat, eggs and dairy products, inhibit the blood flow in the arteries - including the one that causes an erection in men. In contrast, a vegetarian or vegan diet reduces the risk of obesity, diabetes and prostate cancer - the usual suspects when it comes to male potency problems.

This does not convince all meat eaters. Especially since eating meat is often associated with strength, masculinity and potency. So what is the truth of the claim? How does diet affect male potency? What does science say

Studies show the connection between diet and potency

An American study came to the conclusion that certain fruits can reduce the risk of erectile dysfunction, i.e. a pathological disorder of erectile function, by 20 percent. Those who eat strawberries, blueberries and citrus fruits and exercise regularly not only live healthier - they also have a more fulfilling sex life, according to the researchers. However, they do not write anything about giving up meat.

The US physicians' association Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM), which promotes the vegan lifestyle, becomes clearer. The 12,000 doctors organized in it make it clear that erectile dysfunction is "just another side effect" of eating meat. Because meat contains cholesterol and saturated fatty acids, which clog the arteries. And thus also obstruct the blood flow at a crucial point. In doing so, PCRM relies on various studies that prove the connection between dietary habits, cardiovascular diseases and erectile dysfunction.

More stamina thanks to watermelons

he American cardiologist Joel Kahn has even devoted an entire book to the subject. His message is: "Vegans do it better". According to him, not milk, but watermelons and onions perk up tired men. The explanation: Many plant-based foods contain substances that are important for the complex biochemistry of erections. Including the amino acids L-arginine and L-citrulline (which, by the way, are also contained in potency-increasing drugs). They ensure that the tense muscles in the penis that hold back the blood when it is flaccid can relax. And the larger the diameter of the blood vessels, the better the blood flows to where it is needed.

So the point goes to Peta. A varied, plant-based diet promotes the health of the cardiovascular system - and thus also benefits manhood.

However, this much has to be said in order to save the honor of eating meat, but it does not prove that vegetarian food lovers are more fertile. An American study rather indicates a reduced number and mobility of sperm in vegetarians and vegans.

And statements about whether vegans or vegetarians are the better lovers probably belong in the realm of speculation. Because of course there is more to good sex than an erection.