What is an underrated platform for digital marketing

Digital marketing

We develop social media and marketing concepts

The spectrum of marketing channels impresses with its enormous variety and previously unattainable possibilities. Gone are the days when a budget could be invested in a 30-second TV with a clear conscience and the matter would be off the table. Digitalization has made consumers more demanding and more difficult to reach over the long term. This is mainly due to the overstimulation that is prevalent today. With a wide variety of options, companies have the responsibility to choose carefully.

We help you to select meaningful channels, use budgets in a targeted manner and successfully focus your marketing on very specific target groups. We look back on years of experience as a social media agency and show you ways to differentiate between the principle of “watering can” and communication on an equal footing.

Search engine optimization

We are happy to carry out an SEO audit of your entire presence on the web and highlight opportunities and risks in connection with the topic of search engine optimization. Both on-site and off-site factors play a role here.

Like the entire marketing environment, the topic of SEO has increased significantly in complexity in recent years. For some time now, social media interactions have also had a significant impact on search engine rankings such as the Google Page Rank. SSL certificates influence the ranking as well as the mobile optimization of the site or its loading time. Numerous values ​​play a role in the complex algorithms, which we keep an eye on for you.

We work with specialized software to carry out keyword analyzes for you, to benchmark your positioning against that of the competition or to develop a suitable strategy for your content marketing. On a monthly basis, we would be happy to create regular reports or monitor your ranking search terms and pages for you.

Social media

Social media has been the focus of our services since our agency was founded. As digital natives, we are born into the networked generation and speak the language of the new media fluently. Through regular lectures that we give to associations and companies, we also know exactly what small and medium-sized companies are particularly struggling with. Our advice: Even if you are unsure - do not miss the start of a new era. Social media has many advantages, also for your company, and can be operated authentically with a manageable amount of effort. Many of our customers are successfully demonstrating this.

The social media landscape is immense. At first glance, it often seems a bit intimidating. We are of the opinion that small companies cannot score with the most creative and unusual ideas, but with a clean appearance and a "real" customer approach on the large networks. Whether Xing, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, we provide you with comprehensive support, but at the same time advise against using social media if we consider it unsuitable for your purpose.

We help you to develop a coherent concept and then implement your corporate presence for you. Instructions and guidelines for the successful use of the platforms - tailor-made for your company - are also among our specialties. Alternatively, we support you in your work of community management - the regular interaction via your channels - so that new customer contacts can be established for you.

Contact initiation

The great strength of social networks is their potential to multiply and disseminate information. The reach of each individual fan or follower can become the reach of the company during an interaction. Since recommendations from friends have been shown to have the greatest effect on purchasing decisions, this potential should not be underestimated. With competitions, blogger relations, influencer marketing and other advanced strategies, social networks can become a real multiplier.

Existing customer care

From a financial point of view, looking after existing customers always makes sense for companies. Keeping convinced customers up to date about your company is therefore a great opportunity to retain them as customers in the future. As in private life, however, the following applies: The sound makes the music. Anyone who uses excessive advertising on social media channels quickly reverses this effect. We help you to hit the right note.

Social media monitoring

An often neglected component of social media is market research. With every posting on Facebook, every tweet on Twitter and every email on Xing, you receive feedback from customers and your target group. This is ideal for testing various advertising messages, speeches or for obtaining product feedback.

Newsletter and email marketing

Newsletters (or e-mail distribution lists) serve a broad purpose and are now one of the most underrated marketing tools of all. The average read and click rates of newsletters are many times higher than other advertising measures on the Internet, such as banners or advertisements.

For many companies, doing business with existing customers is far more lucrative than constantly acquiring new customers, which is why it often pays to maintain a healthy address list and maintain regular contact. Even if there is no e-mail distribution list yet, a good strategy can quickly set up and use a mailing list.

As an advertising agency specializing in digital marketing, we offer professional newsletter solutions and advise our customers conceptually on the recommended scope and the best approach to email marketing. We have already set up and looked after distribution lists, newsletter campaigns, email marketing automations and address databases for numerous customers.

As a rule, we work with established web tools that offer a wide range of functions and the highest level of technical reliability. Regardless of how the technical implementation is carried out, we offer various features for each of our solutions that go beyond just sending an email.

Highly specific measurability

You can see exactly how many emails were opened, which links were clicked and how successfully the message was cut off from many other points of view. Optimize your customer approach or offer based on these new results. Frequently, conclusions about the efficiency of other communication materials - such as print - can be drawn from such evaluations.

Compliant with anti-spam laws

Not only in Germany but also in many other countries there are strict laws that prohibit spam and unwanted e-mail advertising. Our newsletter solutions take this aspect into account and are legally secured. Because they are sent via established service providers who operate quality assurance, the recipient of the messages does not classify them as spam. In special cases and when there is a high need for security, we work closely with a specialized law firm from the Stuttgart area in order to offer individualized legal advice.

Clear management of address lists

Whether you already have a distribution list or not - a professional newsletter helps you to list your customers clearly, monitor the size of your database and add new customers easily and without stomach ache. Even the quality of the contact - determined from previous interactions with your emails - can be viewed.